Introduction to Mapping using QGIS
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Introduction to Mapping using QGIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are an essential digital tool for the creation and analysis of maps and geographic data. QGIS is an open-source software that offers a powerful and adaptable platform to do GIS analysis.

This tutorial will guide you through the very basics of GIS mapping concepts. Then, we will use QGIS to project a map and do some basic analysis and drawing functions on it.

Basic GIS Lexicon
Setting Up
Adding a Vector Layer
Layer Properties & Customization
The Attribute Table
Adding a Second Vector Layer & Harmonizing CRS
Adding a Raster Layer
Creating a New Vector Layer
Drawing a Polygon
Geoprocessing Tools: Clipping
Adding a Plugin & Creating a Buffer Zone
Extracting the Contour from a Raster Image
Geometry Tool: Lines to Polygons
Geoprocessing Tools: Difference
Using the Field Calculator
Calculating Percentages with the Field Calculator
Changing the Visualization of a Layer
Additional Layers and Ideas for Analysis
Layout: Making a printable and shareable product with QGIS
More Resources

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