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Geospatial Data

What is geospatial data

In this session we will: Learn to sign on to arcGIS online Learn to make an online map Learn to make a storymap with different data types Learn to bring the other data plus the spatial data together Talk about other things that could be done with GIS, including analysis and how to learn that

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What you will find in this Repository

Geospatial Data


Follow up

Related Repositories:

Session Leaders: Jessie Zarazaga

Partially based on previous work by GCDI staff: Create A Rich Multimedia Narrative with ESRI Story Maps By Olivia Ildefonso, GC Digital Fellow

Written by GCDI staff & Rafia Mirza. Our curriculum is based on the Digital Research Institute (DHRI) Curriculum by Graduate Center Digital Initiatives.
This repository contains information for using and contributing to the Digital Humanities Research Institute curriculum

Creative Commons License

Digital Research Institute (DRI) Curriculum by Graduate Center Digital Initiatives is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at When sharing this material or derivative works, preserve this paragraph, changing only the title of the derivative work, or provide comparable attribution.

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