Python scripts to repair data inside QFX/OFX files that describe transactions in a bank account
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These scripts require Python 2.7 or above to run, but have no additional dependencies.


You can optionally install this tool using Distutils: Running install will create a fixchaseqfx command. Installing this way is not required, it just makes it more convenient to use.

If you merely want to experiment a bit, you can access the command-line interface by running chase_fixer/ .

Quick-and-dirty running on Windows

Change example.bat so that its maindir value is the directory where you have saved JPMC.csv and JPMC.qfx files. Running the batch file should cause JPMC_fixed.qfx to be created.


New memo/name pattern matching

You may add new patterns and replacements to the class MyStatementFixer inside chase_fixer/

New statement-visitors

Subclass your own AbstractStatementVisitor and alter the main() method in so that it walks through statements.

External or non-python tinkering

The script generates a temporary XML file that you can modify before it generates the final QFX output. Simply pass the --pause argument and it will pause so that you can make your own changes.

Getting your files from Chase

For best accuracy, you will want to download not only a QFX file but also a CSV version of activity on your account.

(TODO: Find exact wording on Chase website)