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Releases: DHowett/FrameworkHacksPkg

ECTool @ v0.1.0

19 Dec 20:43
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ECTool @ v0.1.0 Pre-release

This release of ECTool.efi actually does add support for the Framework Laptop (AMD Ryzen), as well as making a number of quality of life improvements.

  • reflash now uses the flash map in the incoming firmware image file to determine what kind of board it's for. (e1d5abe)
  • reflash also now uses an autodetected flash layout for the Intel 11th, 12th, 13th and AMD Ryzen Framework Laptops to avoid vital product data and configuration data. (eeaf66d)
    • If reflash does not detect your board layout, you can force it to write flash with -f -f.
    • If you really don't care about VPD or configuration data, use --all (a713f19)
  • reflash now uses color to indicate success or failure. (90d4612)
    • image
    • image
    • (if you see red, you may not be having a good day.)
  • reflash now waits for erase to be done before proceeding on to the next step (some ECs block any commands while flash is erasing) (c908a04)
  • Flash I/O failures will now actually stop the reflashing process (silly, I know; however, verification would have stopped it from proceeding anyway.)
  • console now inserts a carriage return before every line feed, because some embedded controller firmwares didn't do that; this led to console output scrolling horizontally across the screen. (5c0c31a)

ECTool @ v0.0.5

20 Nov 13:56
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ECTool @ v0.0.5 Pre-release

This release of ECTool adds support for the Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series). ectool reflash has not been tested on this device.

ECTool @ v0.0.4

08 Oct 22:13
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ECTool @ v0.0.4 Pre-release

This release improves the safety and reliability of ECTool.efi.

  • It will no longer allow you to flash a firmware intended for a different "board" (machine), such as installing a firmware intended for the 11th Gen Intel Core Framework Laptop on the 12th Gen.
    • If you are developing a new firmware image that changes the board name and are utterly convicted that this is the right thing to do, you can force the flash to proceed with ectool reflash -f -f fs0:\whatever.bin
  • RW will be written and verified before RO; if RW fails verification, RO may still be able to boot the system.
  • It has learned --ro, which will update only the RO image and bootloader.
  • ectool reflash now emits help text that explains the arguments it supports.

ECTool @ v0.0.3

03 Jul 02:46
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ECTool @ v0.0.3 Pre-release

This release adds a couple of small features to ECTool:

  • reflash will no longer fail on mainboards without a battery connected (#3)
  • reflash has learned -f, which will override the charger presence and battery capacity requirements
  • reflash now supports --rw; when provided, it will only erase and program the RW section of the EC image
  • reboot learned at-shutdown, which will cause the EC to only reboot when the AP shuts down rather than immediately

ECTool @ v0.0.2

18 Mar 05:49
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ECTool @ v0.0.2 Pre-release

"Well, it works!"

ECTool is distributed in an archive containing a minimal EFI shell. Extract the entire archive to the root of a FAT32-formatted USB mass storage device, copy your desired firmware image to the root of the same device, turn off Secure Boot, and boot from it.