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Package: fauxsu
Maintainer: Dustin Howett <>
Version: 0.9.1
Revision: 1
License: GPL
BuildDepends: fink (>= 0.28)
SourceDirectory: fauxsu-%v
Source-MD5: 097e61d9e9042cc7ff93815f98c1933c
CompileScript: <<
#!/bin/bash -e -x
sed -i '' -e 's/libexec/%lib/' Makefile
make INSTALL_PREFIX=%p messages=yes
InstallScript: <<
#!/bin/bash -e -x
d=$(mktemp -d "/tmp/fink-%N-XXXXXX")
if ! [ -d "$d" ]; then
printf "failed to create temporary directory\n" >&2
exit 1
make stage INSTALL_PREFIX=%p THEOS_STAGING_DIR="$d" messages=yes
rsync -a --delete "$d/" "%d/"
mkdir -p %i/share/doc/%N
cp LICENSE %i/share/doc/%N || true
[ -d "$d" ] && rm -rf "$d"
Description: Grants applications fake root privileges
DescDetail: <<
fauxsu wraps system calls involved in changing file ownership and modes,
allowing programs to act as if run as the superuser.
Shlibs: <<
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