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PS3 Autotests

A repository of PS3 programs performing several tests on the PS3 platform. Inspired by the PSP Autotests repository, and shares some goals with it and proposes some other ones:

  • Provide a platform for benchmarking PS3 emulators and comparing their performance with a real PS3.
  • Allow people to see how to use some obscure-newly-discovered APIs and features.
  • Allow PS3 emulators to avoid some regressions while performing refactorings and to have a reference while implementing APIs.

The main idea behind this is having several files per test unit:

  • file.expected: File with the expected TTY output, preferably from a real PS3.
  • file.elf: The program that will call printf / sys_tty_write SysCall in order to generate an output.
  • file.c: Include the source code or at least a brief description of the unit test (Optional).

Building the tests


Running tests on a real PS3


Running tests on a PS3 emulator