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add files to allow for packaging on teamcity

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1 parent 072dfc6 commit 69c9d95f10952ccec7b707a029fd2dc930575104 @Bigpet Bigpet committed Jul 4, 2014
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  1. BIN bin/soft_oal.dll
  2. +22 −0 package.bat
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@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+mkdir build
+mkdir build\rpcs3
+copy bin\rpcs3-*.exe build\rpcs3
+copy bin\soft-oal.dll build\rpcs3
+copy bin\make_fself.cmd build\rpcs3
+mkdir build\rpcs3\dev_hdd1
+xcopy /e bin\dev_hdd1 build\rpcs3\dev_hdd1
+mkdir build\rpcs3\dev_hdd0
+xcopy /e bin\dev_hdd0 build\rpcs3\dev_hdd0
+mkdir build\rpcs3\dev_flash
+xcopy /e bin\dev_flash build\rpcs3\dev_flash
+mkdir build\rpcs3\dev_usb000
+xcopy /e bin\dev_usb000 build\rpcs3\dev_usb000
+for /f "delims=" %%%%a in ('git describe') do @set gitrev=%%%%a
+cd build
+7z a -mx9 ..\rpcs3-%%gitrev%%-windows-x86_64.7z rpcs3

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