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Corporate Registries

Blockchain Proof of Concept


Much of this app is based off IBM's open source offerings found here. Each of these demos contains documentation on getting up and running. Below we offer a combination of the necessary documents needed to quickly and easily deploy the application and its required blockchain component.

The underlying network for this application is the Hyperledger Fabric, a Linux Foundation project. You may want to review these instructions to understand a bit about the Hyperledger Fabric.


The Corporate Registry Blockchain Proof of Concept is a ‘shadow ledger’ that captures an audit trail of Corporate Registry transactions within and across jurisdictions.

##Setup There are two primary methods to run this application:

  1. Bluemix: Deploy both the web app and blockchain on the cloud (Bluemix)
  2. Local: Run the web app and its associated blockchain component on your local machine. This method requires basic knowledge of how to use and navigate directory structures in a terminal window.

Method #1: Bluemix

Deploy to Bluemix

Select the button above to deploy the web app and blockchain component on Bluemix. When 'deploy' is selected, it takes 5-10 minutes to complete the deployment.

Note: a Bluemix ID is required and can be obtained once the button is selected.

Method #2: Local Setup

To set up the app locally, both the blockchain and the local web app will need to be configured. Follow the instructions below to configure the app locally.

MacOS notes: software installation requires approximately 375 MB disk space.

Step 1 - Install Software Prerequisites

In order to run the app locally, there are a number of software prerequisites that must be installed on your system. Please follow the links for each of the software prerequisites below and instll them on your system.

  1. Node.js and npm v2+ (npm is included with Node.js)
  2. Git for source code management
  3. Docker for runninng the HyperLedger Fabric

MacOS: note that Command Line Developer tools required. Enter the following to install:

     xcode-select --install


  1. To test that Node.js is installed, open a terminal window and enter the following:

    node -v

    You should see the following output or something similar depending on your operating system:

  2. To test Git is installed, open a terminal window and enter the following:

    git --version

    You should see the following output or something similar depending on your operating system:

    git version 2.11.0 (Apple Git-81)
  3. To test that Docker is installed, open a terminal window and enter the following:

    docker -v

    You should see the following output or something similar depending on your operating system:

    Docker version 17.03.1-ce, build c6d412e
     MacOS Troubleshooting: if the docker command is not found, make sure you have run the Docker app to complete the install.

Step 2 - Configure a local Blockchain Network

A local blockchain network will need to be setup to run in Docker.

To set up a local blockchain network, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a terminal window

  2. Navigate to the directory where you wish to install the blockchain network

  3. Get the IBM-Blockchain fabric docker image

    git clone
  4. Go into the docker-compose directory:

    cd fabric-images/docker-compose
  5. Set the environment by executing the script:

  6. Run one of the two docker compose files, single-peer-ca.yaml or four-peer-ca.yaml. For example:

    docker-compose -f four-peer-ca.yaml up

    This may take a few moments to download and run. Leave the terminal window open, this is the blockchain network running.

    When the blockchain network is running, you should see output similar to the following:

    vp1_1         | 16:47:34.291 [peer] HandleMessage -> DEBU 10d Handling Message of type: DISC_PEERS 
    vp1_1         | 16:47:34.291 [peer] beforePeers -> DEBU 10e Received DISC_PEERS, grabbing peers message
    vp1_1         | 16:47:34.291 [peer] beforePeers -> DEBU 10f Received PeersMessage with Peers: peers:<ID:<name:"vp3" > address:"" type:VALIDATOR 	pkiID:"\226\022dA\020\245\036\222\327\002f\316_\301\2471B\311m\327\267\230\215\227\177z\3008\360\254\263?" > peers:<ID:<name:"vp2" > address:"" type:VALIDATOR pkiID:"\025F\300\363I%\347\274\316\261G{\233\360gU\344\251\327\226X\222\236\017\003\360s\017OA\233\033" > 	peers:<ID:<name:"vp1" > address:"" 	type:VALIDATOR pkiID:"\325\3741\324\226z\335\255\271\327vP\241\007\200\356\357m\230\np\222cY\210-\341\271\252\3301\234" > 
    vp2_1         | 16:47:34.975 [peer] ensureConnected -> DEBU 111 Touch service indicates no dropped connections
    vp2_1         | 16:47:34.975 [peer] ensureConnected -> DEBU 112 Connected to: []
    vp2_1         | 16:47:34.975 [peer] ensureConnected -> DEBU 113 Discovery knows about: []
    vp1_1         | 16:47:35.210 [peer] ensureConnected -> DEBU 110 Touch service indicates no dropped connections
    vp1_1         | 16:47:35.210 [peer] ensureConnected -> DEBU 111 Connected to: []
    vp1_1         | 16:47:35.210 [peer] ensureConnected -> DEBU 112 Discovery knows about: []

Additional help and instructions for setting up and configuring the blockchain network are available from IBM here.

Step 3 - Download the App and point to local blockchain network

The app code needs to be downloaded to your local system.

  1. Open a command prompt/terminal and browse to your desired working directory

  2. Run the following command.

    git clone
  3. Open up app.js and uncomment line 166 and comment out line 167. It should look as follows:

    var manual = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('mycreds_docker_compose.json', 'utf8'));
    //var manual = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('mycreds_bluemix.json', 'utf8'));

This will install the app code to your local system and make the code use the local blockchain network.

Step 4 - Install Dependencies and Run the App

  1. Open a command prompt/terminal and browse to the root of the project you just downloaded from github. (i.e. /Users/User/Documents/BlockChain/POC-corporate-registries)

  2. In the command prompt run the following commands:

    npm install gulp -g
    npm install
  3. Start the app


IMPORTANT You will need to wait up to 2 minutes for the blockchain code to fully deploy and the app to start running.

  1. Once you see this message you are good to go:

     [ibc-js] Chain Stats - success
  2. The app is running and connected to the blockchain! Open up your browser and browse to http://localhost:3000. You should see the corporate registries landing page.

==To Cleanly Shut Down==

  1. Ctrl-C out of the app

  2. In the blockchain terminal window, run

     docker-compose -f four-peer-ca.yaml down