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                                           DIBCOIN White Paper 


DIBCOIN will be the first cryptocurrency to be used by a public company to acquire existing profitable private companies. Sunshine Capital will use DIBCOIN as a monetary instrument, to acquire companies and assets, building its portfolio with no debt or dilution to existing shareholders. Allowing Sunshine Capital, Inc. to quickly build a stable of profitable assets. The DIBCOIN will also give Sunshine Capital immediate net liquid assets to its balance sheet. In turn will give Sunshine Capital massive buying power ability which will assist the Company to obtain a listing on a higher exchange, due to the anticipated ICO value of DIBCOIN.


The blockchain technology with its innovation has come with controversy due to its natural

application in transferring value using the network token, like Bitcoin. Despite the Bitcoin set back in the collapse of MT. GOX in 2014, once the world largest Bitcoin exchange, 2016, Bitcoin is poised to reach 5 million users worldwide by 2019, (Juniper Research, 2015). Based on this track record, Bitcoin is on pace to establish itself as a valid monetary system in the near future.

Bitcoin’s true innovation is the “blockchain” technology. The blockchain technology allows for continuing database growth, harden against revision and tampering. This technology is responsible for rapid expansion of decentralized digital currency and peer to peer anonymous transactions.

While the digital currency market has grown substantially over the past several years, the blockchain technology plays an instrumental part in distributing smart contracts on the blockchain database, allowing innumerable types of distributed ledger entries, like DIBCOIN, a proof -of- stake (PoS).

What is “DIBCOIN”?

DIBCOIN is currency that is used as a monetary instrument by Sunshine Capital to acquire liquid companies. DIBCOIN is an open source Bitcoin 2.0 protocol for creating DIB Funding Inc. currency digitally on top of the bitcoin blockchain utilizing it functionalities beyond being merely a modicum of exchange. DIBCOIN has several advantages over traditional alternative cryptocurrencies. First, DIBCOIN is a digital currency that is backed by real securities in the OTC markets. Secondly, it is not tied to changes in value resulting from Central Banks’ traditional currencies. Thirdly, DIBCOIN transactions are encrypted and are locked in as proof of ownership on the blockchain forever. And, it is available for use worldwide – anywhere that you can access the internet, you can transfer DIBCOINS.


There are only 5 billion DIBCOIN available and the currency will immediately give Sunshine Capital Inc. massive buying power to make quick acquisitions that will give Sunshine Capital Inc. (SCNP) the ability to list on a higher exchange. Sunshine Capital Inc. (SCNP) is currently trading at $2 a share as of September 11th 2016.