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Milton based WebDav interface for iRODS
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Project: iRODS WebDav

Date: 1/25/2017

Release Verson:

Git tag:

Milton based WebDav interface to iRODS.

See for support and known issues

See the file in this repo for notes on install and configuration.


  • Depends on Java 1.8+
  • Built using Apache Maven2, see POM for dependencies
  • Built using a webdav enterprise version key
  • Supports iRODS 3.3.1 through 4.1.10, with provisional support for 4.2

Bug Fixes


Milton and filter chains #33

Fixed filter chain behavior to close connections properly in iRODS agent. Milton filter was intercepting and not calling the shutdown filter in the chain

delete of a file via finder doesn't seem to stick #27

Milton configuration and code to ensure that Dav2 support is configured in deployable

SSL integration #38

Integrate SSL negotiation support. Note that this requires an update to the /etc/irods-ext/ See the example for new fields (for checksum and SSL negotiation).

Dockerization #39

Added Docker containerization, with an included Docker file, as well as a file that explains how to run the image.

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