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In this work, we developed multi-version B-tree with lazy split (LS-MVBT) to resolve the journaling of journal anomaly in Android I/O. The contribution of LS-MVBT consists of two key elements:(i) Multi-version B-tree effectively reduces the number of fsync() calls. (ii) it significantly reduces "the number of dirty pages to be synchronized in a single fsync() call" via optimizing multi-version B-tree for Android I/O. The optimization consists of five elements: Lazy split, Buffer reservation, Metadata embedding, Lazy garbage collection, and Disabling sibling redistribution.


Wook-Hee Kim, Beomseok Nam, Dongil Park, and Youjip Won "Resolving Journaling of Journal Anomaly in Android I/O: Multi-Version B-tree with Lazy Split", 12th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (USENIX FAST '14), Santa Clara, CA, Feb. 2014.


This research was supported by MKE/KEIT (No.10041608, Embedded System Software for New Memory based Smart Devices).

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