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DICOMweb JavaScript client with viewer demo for consuming DICOM Web Services - (QIDO-RS, WADO-RS, WADO-URI, STOW-RS) part 18
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The dicom-webJS project is now moved from the original repository and is now maintained here in its own GitHub Orgnization. The project is now licensed/owned by the DICOM-webjs project Contributors. .

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DICOMweb-JS is an open source JS client for consuming DICOM Web Services - part 13 with a ASP.NET MVC demo that uses the Cornerstone viewer and cornerstoneWADOImageLoader

The code provide a basic library for sending DICOM Web requests and parsing JSON and multipart reposnses in (DIOCM, XML, Buld data...) .

Demo Code

The demo uses the library to connect to a DICOM Web server and initiate qido-rs for querying (studies, series and object instances), wado-RS for retrieving (study, series, object instance) and stow-rs for storing DICOM format images.

Check the demo page here

DICOM Server

Source code on Github

You can check the web server API here

Building the code

This is an ASP.NET demo so you will need Visual Studio to build the code, you can download the VS2015 community edition or VS code. The JavaScript libraries are also built using Visual Studio and TypeScript.

Or you can use the dist folder to include the compiled JS files in your project.


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