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@spbnick spbnick released this 11 Oct 14:13
· 301 commits to master since this release

Important changes from v5 release:

  • Merge hid-huion module functionality into hid-uclogic module.
    The hid-huion module is no more.
  • Add hid-kye module with additional support for KYE MousePen i608X v2.
  • Make hid-uclogic module name device nodes according to their usages, so
    applications can distinguish pen/mouse/button/other event devices. Among
    other things this solves some issues with GIMP. Thanks, Benjamin Tissoires!
  • Make hid-uclogic module discard dummy devices reducing the application and
    user confusion. Thanks, Benjamin Tissoires!
  • Enable abstract frame button reporting mode for Huion tablets, which allows
    their use and rebinding of buttons with xf86-input-wacom and xsetwacom.
    Thanks, Benjamin Tissoires!
  • Add support for UC-Logic TWHA60 v3.
  • Add Polostar PT-1001 driver. Thanks, Yann Vernier!
  • Add support for UGTizer GP0610 / iBall PF1064U.
  • Add support for Ugee G3. Thanks, Alberto Glez-Barreda!
  • Add experimental support for Ugee 1000L and M708.
  • Add experimental DKMS package for Debian - should remove the need to rebuild
    and reinstall the driver after kernel upgrades.

IMPORTANT: Before upgrading, remove the old driver version by executing "sudo
make uninstall" from the source tree of that driver.

Debian and derived distro users: please try the new .deb package with DKMS
support. It should remove the need to reinstall the driver with each kernel

Advanced users of other distros: please try the experimental DKMS support.