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dnl Consumer usage page IDs.
dnl Copyright (C) 2010 Nikolai Kondrashov
dnl This file is part of hidrd.
dnl Hidrd is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
dnl it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
dnl the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
dnl (at your option) any later version.
dnl Hidrd is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
dnl but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
dnl GNU General Public License for more details.
dnl You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
dnl along with hidrd; if not, write to the Free Software
dnl Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
dnl ID - describe a delegated usage ID.
dnl Arguments:
dnl * Hexadecimal usage ID (four digits, uppercase)
dnl * ID token (non-capitalized, underscores for spaces)
dnl * Usage types (comma separated, case as per specification)
dnl * ID description (non-capitalized)
ID(`0001', `consumer_control', `CA', `consumer control')dnl
ID(`0002', `numeric_keypad', `NAry', `numeric key pad')dnl
ID(`0003', `programmable_buttons', `NAry', `programmable buttons')dnl
ID(`0004', `microphone', `CA', `microphone')dnl
ID(`0005', `headphone', `CA', `headphone')dnl
ID(`0006', `graphic_equalizer', `CA', `graphic equalizer')dnl
ID(`0020', `plus_10', `OSC', `+10')dnl
ID(`0021', `plus_100', `OSC', `+100')dnl
ID(`0022', `AM_PM', `OSC', `AM/PM')dnl
ID(`0030', `power', `OOC', `power')dnl
ID(`0031', `reset', `OSC', `reset')dnl
ID(`0032', `sleep', `OSC', `sleep')dnl
ID(`0033', `sleep_after', `OSC', `sleep after')dnl
ID(`0034', `sleep_mode', `RTC', `sleep mode')dnl
ID(`0035', `illumination', `OOC', `illumination')dnl
ID(`0036', `function_buttons', `NAry', `function buttons')dnl
ID(`0040', `menu', `OOC', `menu')dnl
ID(`0041', `menu_pick', `OSC', `menu pick')dnl
ID(`0042', `menu_up', `OSC', `menu up')dnl
ID(`0043', `menu_down', `OSC', `menu down')dnl
ID(`0044', `menu_left', `OSC', `menu left')dnl
ID(`0045', `menu_right', `OSC', `menu right')dnl
ID(`0046', `menu_escape', `OSC', `menu escape')dnl
ID(`0047', `menu_value_inc', `OSC', `menu value increase')dnl
ID(`0048', `menu_value_dec', `OSC', `menu value decrease')dnl
ID(`0060', `data_on_screen', `OOC', `data on screen')dnl
ID(`0061', `closed_caption', `OOC', `closed caption')dnl
ID(`0062', `closed_caption_select', `OSC', `closed caption select')dnl
ID(`0063', `VCR_TV', `OOC', `VCR/TV')dnl
ID(`0064', `broadcast_mode', `OSC', `broadcast mode')dnl
ID(`0065', `snapshot', `OSC', `snapshot')dnl
ID(`0066', `still', `OSC', `still')dnl
ID(`0080', `selection', `NAry', `selection')dnl
ID(`0081', `assign_selection', `OSC', `assign selection')dnl
ID(`0082', `mode_step', `OSC', `mode step')dnl
ID(`0083', `recall_last', `OSC', `recall last')dnl
ID(`0084', `enter_channel', `OSC', `enter channel')dnl
ID(`0085', `order_movie', `OSC', `order movie')dnl
ID(`0086', `channel', `LC', `channel')dnl
ID(`0087', `media_selection', `NAry', `media selection')dnl
ID(`0088', `media_select_computer', `Sel', `media select computer')dnl
ID(`0089', `media_select_TV', `Sel', `media select TV')dnl
ID(`008A', `media_select_WWW', `Sel', `media select WWW')dnl
ID(`008B', `media_select_DVD', `Sel', `media select DVD')dnl
ID(`008C', `media_select_telephone', `Sel', `media select telephone')dnl
ID(`008D', `media_select_program_guide', `Sel', `media select program guide')dnl
ID(`008E', `media_select_video_phone', `Sel', `media select video phone')dnl
ID(`008F', `media_select_games', `Sel', `media select games')dnl
ID(`0090', `media_select_messages', `Sel', `media select messages')dnl
ID(`0091', `media_select_CD', `Sel', `media select CD')dnl
ID(`0092', `media_select_VCR', `Sel', `media select VCR')dnl
ID(`0093', `media_select_tuner', `Sel', `media select tuner')dnl
ID(`0094', `quit', `OSC', `quit')dnl
ID(`0095', `help', `OOC', `help')dnl
ID(`0096', `media_select_tape', `Sel', `media select tape')dnl
ID(`0097', `media_select_cable', `Sel', `media select cable')dnl
ID(`0098', `media_select_satellite', `Sel', `media select satellite')dnl
ID(`0099', `media_select_security', `Sel', `media select security')dnl
ID(`009A', `media_select_home', `Sel', `media select home')dnl
ID(`009B', `media_select_call', `Sel', `media select call')dnl
ID(`009C', `channel_inc', `OSC', `channel increment')dnl
ID(`009D', `channel_dec', `OSC', `channel decrement')dnl
ID(`009E', `media_select_SAP', `Sel', `media select SAP')dnl
ID(`00A0', `VCR_plus', `OSC', `VCR plus')dnl
ID(`00A1', `once', `OSC', `once')dnl
ID(`00A2', `daily', `OSC', `daily')dnl
ID(`00A3', `weekly', `OSC', `weekly')dnl
ID(`00A4', `monthly', `OSC', `monthly')dnl
ID(`00B0', `play', `OOC', `play')dnl
ID(`00B1', `pause', `OOC', `pause')dnl
ID(`00B2', `record', `OOC', `record')dnl
ID(`00B3', `fast_forward', `OOC', `fast forward')dnl
ID(`00B4', `rewind', `OOC', `rewind')dnl
ID(`00B5', `scan_next_track', `OSC', `scan next track')dnl
ID(`00B6', `scan_previous_track', `OSC', `scan previous track')dnl
ID(`00B7', `stop', `OSC', `stop')dnl
ID(`00B8', `eject', `OSC', `eject')dnl
ID(`00B9', `random_play', `OOC', `random play')dnl
ID(`00BA', `select_disc', `NAry', `select disc')dnl
ID(`00BB', `enter_disc', `MC', `enter disc')dnl
ID(`00BC', `repeat', `OSC', `repeat')dnl
ID(`00BD', `tracking', `LC', `tracking')dnl
ID(`00BE', `track_normal', `OSC', `track normal')dnl
ID(`00BF', `slow_tracking', `LC', `slow tracking')dnl
ID(`00C0', `frame_forward', `RTC', `frame forward')dnl
ID(`00C1', `frame_back', `RTC', `frame back')dnl
ID(`00C2', `mark', `OSC', `mark')dnl
ID(`00C3', `clear_mark', `OSC', `clear mark')dnl
ID(`00C4', `repeat_from_mark', `OOC', `repeat from mark')dnl
ID(`00C5', `return_to_mark', `OSC', `return to mark')dnl
ID(`00C6', `search_mark_forward', `OSC', `search mark forward')dnl
ID(`00C7', `search_mark_backwards', `OSC', `search mark backwards')dnl
ID(`00C8', `counter_reset', `OSC', `Counter Reset')dnl
ID(`00C9', `show_counter', `OSC', `show counter')dnl
ID(`00CA', `tracking_inc', `RTC', `tracking increment')dnl
ID(`00CB', `tracking_dec', `RTC', `tracking decrement')dnl
ID(`00CC', `stop_eject', `OSC', `stop/eject')dnl
ID(`00CD', `play_pause', `OSC', `play/pause')dnl
ID(`00CE', `play_skip', `OSC', `play/skip')dnl
ID(`00E0', `volume', `LC', `volume')dnl
ID(`00E1', `balance', `LC', `balance')dnl
ID(`00E2', `mute', `OOC', `mute')dnl
ID(`00E3', `bass', `LC', `bass')dnl
ID(`00E4', `treble', `LC', `treble')dnl
ID(`00E5', `bass_boost', `OOC', `bass boost')dnl
ID(`00E6', `surround_mode', `OSC', `surround mode')dnl
ID(`00E7', `loudness', `OOC', `loudness')dnl
ID(`00E8', `MPX', `OOC', `MPX')dnl
ID(`00E9', `volume_inc', `RTC', `volume increment')dnl
ID(`00EA', `volume_dec', `RTC', `volume decrement')dnl
ID(`00F0', `speed_select', `OSC', `speed select')dnl
ID(`00F1', `playback_speed', `NAry', `playback speed')dnl
ID(`00F2', `standard_play', `Sel', `standard play')dnl
ID(`00F3', `long_play', `Sel', `long play')dnl
ID(`00F4', `extended_play', `Sel', `extended play')dnl
ID(`00F5', `slow', `OSC', `slow')dnl
ID(`0100', `fan_enable', `OOC', `fan enable')dnl
ID(`0101', `fan_speed', `LC', `fan speed')dnl
ID(`0102', `light_enable', `OOC', `light enable')dnl
ID(`0103', `light_illumination_level', `LC', `light illumination level')dnl
ID(`0104', `climate_control_enable', `OOC', `climate control enable')dnl
ID(`0105', `room_temperature', `LC', `room temperature')dnl
ID(`0106', `security_enable', `OOC', `security enable')dnl
ID(`0107', `fire_alarm', `OSC', `fire alarm')dnl
ID(`0108', `police_alarm', `OSC', `police alarm')dnl
ID(`0109', `proximity', `LC', `proximity')dnl
ID(`010A', `motion', `OSC', `motion')dnl
ID(`010B', `duress_alarm', `OSC', `duress alarm')dnl
ID(`010C', `holdup_alarm', `OSC', `holdup alarm')dnl
ID(`010D', `medical_alarm', `OSC', `medical alarm')dnl
ID(`0150', `balance_right', `RTC', `balance right')dnl
ID(`0151', `balance_left', `RTC', `balance left')dnl
ID(`0152', `bass_inc', `RTC', `bass increment')dnl
ID(`0153', `bass_dec', `RTC', `bass decrement')dnl
ID(`0154', `treble_inc', `RTC', `treble increment')dnl
ID(`0155', `treble_dec', `RTC', `treble decrement')dnl
ID(`0160', `speaker_system', `CL', `speaker system')dnl
ID(`0161', `channel_left', `CL', `channel left')dnl
ID(`0162', `channel_right', `CL', `channel right')dnl
ID(`0163', `channel_center', `CL', `channel center')dnl
ID(`0164', `channel_front', `CL', `channel front')dnl
ID(`0165', `channel_center_front', `CL', `channel center front')dnl
ID(`0166', `channel_side', `CL', `channel side')dnl
ID(`0167', `channel_surround', `CL', `channel surround')dnl
ID(`0168', `channel_low_freq_enhan', `CL', `channel low frequency enhancement')dnl
ID(`0169', `channel_top', `CL', `channel top')dnl
ID(`016A', `channel_unknown', `CL', `channel unknown')dnl
ID(`0170', `subchannel', `LC', `sub-channel')dnl
ID(`0171', `subchannel_inc', `OSC', `sub-channel increment')dnl
ID(`0172', `subchannel_dec', `OSC', `sub-channel decrement')dnl
ID(`0173', `alternate_audio_inc', `OSC', `alternate audio increment')dnl
ID(`0174', `alternate_audio_dec', `OSC', `alternate audio decrement')dnl
ID(`0180', `app_launch_buttons', `NAry', `application launch buttons')dnl
ID(`0181', `AL_launch_button_config_tool', `Sel', `AL launch button configuration tool')dnl
ID(`0182', `AL_programmable_button_config', `Sel', `AL programmable button configuration')dnl
ID(`0183', `AL_consumer_control_config', `Sel', `AL consumer control configuration')dnl
ID(`0184', `AL_word_proc', `Sel', `AL word processor')dnl
ID(`0185', `AL_text_editor', `Sel', `AL text editor')dnl
ID(`0186', `AL_spreadsheet', `Sel', `AL spreadsheet')dnl
ID(`0187', `AL_graphics_editor', `Sel', `AL graphics editor')dnl
ID(`0188', `AL_presentation_app', `Sel', `AL presentation app')dnl
ID(`0189', `AL_database_app', `Sel', `AL database app')dnl
ID(`018A', `AL_email_reader', `Sel', `AL email reader')dnl
ID(`018B', `AL_newsreader', `Sel', `AL newsreader')dnl
ID(`018C', `AL_voicemail', `Sel', `AL voicemail')dnl
ID(`018D', `AL_contacts_or_address_book', `Sel', `AL contacts/address book')dnl
ID(`018E', `AL_calendar_or_schedule', `Sel', `AL calendar/schedule')dnl
ID(`018F', `AL_task_or_project_mngr', `Sel', `AL task/project manager')dnl
ID(`0190', `AL_log_or_journal_or_timecard', `Sel', `AL log/journal/timecard')dnl
ID(`0191', `AL_checkbook_or_finance', `Sel', `AL checkbook/finance')dnl
ID(`0192', `AL_calculator', `Sel', `AL calculator')dnl
ID(`0193', `AL_AV_capture_or_playback', `Sel', `AL A/V capture/playback')dnl
ID(`0194', `AL_local_machine_brwsr', `Sel', `AL local machine browser')dnl
ID(`0195', `AL_LAN_or_WAN_brwsr', `Sel', `AL LAN/WAN browser')dnl
ID(`0196', `AL_internet_brwsr', `Sel', `AL Internet browser')dnl
ID(`0197', `AL_remote_net_or_ISP_connect', `Sel', `AL remote networking/ISP connect')dnl
ID(`0198', `AL_network_conference', `Sel', `AL network conference')dnl
ID(`0199', `AL_network_chat', `Sel', `AL network chat')dnl
ID(`019A', `AL_telephony_or_dialer', `Sel', `AL telephony/dialer')dnl
ID(`019B', `AL_logon', `Sel', `AL logon')dnl
ID(`019C', `AL_logoff', `Sel', `AL logoff')dnl
ID(`019D', `AL_logon_or_logoff', `Sel', `AL logon/logoff')dnl
ID(`019E', `AL_term_lock_or_screensaver', `Sel', `AL terminal lock/screensaver')dnl
ID(`019F', `AL_control_panel', `Sel', `AL control panel')dnl
ID(`01A0', `AL_cmd_line_proc_or_run', `Sel', `AL command line processor/run')dnl
ID(`01A1', `AL_proc_or_task_mngr', `Sel', `AL process/task manager')dnl
ID(`01A2', `AL_select_task_or_app', `Sel', `AL select task/application')dnl
ID(`01A3', `AL_next_task_or_app', `Sel', `AL next task/application')dnl
ID(`01A4', `AL_previous_task_or_app', `Sel', `AL previous task/application')dnl
ID(`01A5', `AL_preemptive_halt_task_or_app', `Sel', `AL preemptive halt task/application')dnl
ID(`01A6', `AL_integrated_help_center', `Sel', `AL integrated help center')dnl
ID(`01A7', `AL_documents', `Sel', `AL documents')dnl
ID(`01A8', `AL_thesaurus', `Sel', `AL thesaurus')dnl
ID(`01A9', `AL_dictionary', `Sel', `AL dictionary')dnl
ID(`01AA', `AL_desktop', `Sel', `AL desktop')dnl
ID(`01AB', `AL_spell_check', `Sel', `AL spell check')dnl
ID(`01AC', `AL_grammar_check', `Sel', `AL grammar check')dnl
ID(`01AD', `AL_wireless_status', `Sel', `AL wireless status')dnl
ID(`01AE', `AL_keyboard_layout', `Sel', `AL keyboard layout')dnl
ID(`01AF', `AL_virus_protection', `Sel', `AL virus protection')dnl
ID(`01B0', `AL_encryption', `Sel', `AL encryption')dnl
ID(`01B1', `AL_screen_saver', `Sel', `AL screen saver')dnl
ID(`01B2', `AL_alarms', `Sel', `AL alarms')dnl
ID(`01B3', `AL_clock', `Sel', `AL clock')dnl
ID(`01B4', `AL_file_brwsr', `Sel', `AL file browser')dnl
ID(`01B5', `AL_power_status', `Sel', `AL power status')dnl
ID(`01B6', `AL_image_brwsr', `Sel', `AL image browser')dnl
ID(`01B7', `AL_audio_brwsr', `Sel', `AL audio browser')dnl
ID(`01B8', `AL_movie_brwsr', `Sel', `AL movie browser')dnl
ID(`01B9', `AL_digital_rights_mngr', `Sel', `AL digital rights manager')dnl
ID(`01BA', `AL_digital_wallet', `Sel', `AL digital wallet')dnl
ID(`01BC', `AL_instant_messaging', `Sel', `AL instant messaging')dnl
ID(`01BD', `AL_OEM_feats_brwsr', `Sel', `AL OEM features/tips/tutorial browser')dnl
ID(`01BE', `AL_OEM_help', `Sel', `AL OEM help')dnl
ID(`01BF', `AL_online_community', `Sel', `AL online community')dnl
ID(`01C0', `AL_ent_content_brwsr', `Sel', `AL entertainment content browser')dnl
ID(`01C1', `AL_online_shopping_brwsr', `Sel', `AL online shopping browser')dnl
ID(`01C2', `AL_smartcard_info_or_help', `Sel', `AL smartcard information/help')dnl
ID(`01C3', `AL_mrkt_mon_or_fin_brwsr', `Sel', `AL market monitor/finance browser')dnl
ID(`01C4', `AL_custom_corp_news_brwsr', `Sel', `AL customized corporate news browser')dnl
ID(`01C5', `AL_online_activity_brwsr', `Sel', `AL online activity browser')dnl
ID(`01C6', `AL_research_or_search_brwsr', `Sel', `AL research/search browser')dnl
ID(`01C7', `AL_audio_player', `Sel', `AL audio player')dnl
ID(`0200', `generic_GUI_app_controls', `Nary', `generic GUI application controls')dnl
ID(`0201', `AC_new', `Sel', `AC new')dnl
ID(`0202', `AC_open', `Sel', `AC open')dnl
ID(`0203', `AC_close', `Sel', `AC close')dnl
ID(`0204', `AC_exit', `Sel', `AC exit')dnl
ID(`0205', `AC_maximize', `Sel', `AC maximize')dnl
ID(`0206', `AC_minimize', `Sel', `AC minimize')dnl
ID(`0207', `AC_save', `Sel', `AC save')dnl
ID(`0208', `AC_print', `Sel', `AC print')dnl
ID(`0209', `AC_properties', `Sel', `AC properties')dnl
ID(`021A', `AC_undo', `Sel', `AC undo')dnl
ID(`021B', `AC_copy', `Sel', `AC copy')dnl
ID(`021C', `AC_cut', `Sel', `AC cut')dnl
ID(`021D', `AC_paste', `Sel', `AC paste')dnl
ID(`021E', `AC_select_all', `Sel', `AC select all')dnl
ID(`021F', `AC_find', `Sel', `AC find')dnl
ID(`0220', `AC_find_and_replace', `Sel', `AC find and replace')dnl
ID(`0221', `AC_search', `Sel', `AC search')dnl
ID(`0222', `AC_go_to', `Sel', `AC go to')dnl
ID(`0223', `AC_home', `Sel', `AC home')dnl
ID(`0224', `AC_back', `Sel', `AC back')dnl
ID(`0225', `AC_forward', `Sel', `AC forward')dnl
ID(`0226', `AC_stop', `Sel', `AC stop')dnl
ID(`0227', `AC_refresh', `Sel', `AC refresh')dnl
ID(`0228', `AC_previous_link', `Sel', `AC previous link')dnl
ID(`0229', `AC_next_link', `Sel', `AC next link')dnl
ID(`022A', `AC_bookmarks', `Sel', `AC bookmarks')dnl
ID(`022B', `AC_history', `Sel', `AC history')dnl
ID(`022C', `AC_subscriptions', `Sel', `AC subscriptions')dnl
ID(`022D', `AC_zoom_in', `Sel', `AC zoom in')dnl
ID(`022E', `AC_zoom_out', `Sel', `AC zoom out')dnl
ID(`022F', `AC_zoom', `LC', `AC zoom')dnl
ID(`0230', `AC_full_screen_view', `Sel', `AC full screen view')dnl
ID(`0231', `AC_normal_view', `Sel', `AC normal view')dnl
ID(`0232', `AC_view_toggle', `Sel', `AC view toggle')dnl
ID(`0233', `AC_scroll_up', `Sel', `AC scroll up')dnl
ID(`0234', `AC_scroll_down', `Sel', `AC scroll down')dnl
ID(`0235', `AC_scroll', `LC', `AC scroll')dnl
ID(`0236', `AC_pan_left', `Sel', `AC pan left')dnl
ID(`0237', `AC_pan_right', `Sel', `AC pan right')dnl
ID(`0238', `AC_pan', `LC', `AC pan')dnl
ID(`0239', `AC_new_window', `Sel', `AC new window')dnl
ID(`023A', `AC_tile_horiz', `Sel', `AC tile horizontally')dnl
ID(`023B', `AC_tile_vert', `Sel', `AC tile vertically')dnl
ID(`023C', `AC_format', `Sel', `AC format')dnl
ID(`023D', `AC_edit', `Sel', `AC edit')dnl
ID(`023E', `AC_bold', `Sel', `AC bold')dnl
ID(`023F', `AC_italics', `Sel', `AC italics')dnl
ID(`0240', `AC_underline', `Sel', `AC underline')dnl
ID(`0241', `AC_strikethrough', `Sel', `AC strikethrough')dnl
ID(`0242', `AC_subscript', `Sel', `AC subscript')dnl
ID(`0243', `AC_superscript', `Sel', `AC superscript')dnl
ID(`0244', `AC_all_caps', `Sel', `AC all caps')dnl
ID(`0245', `AC_rotate', `Sel', `AC rotate')dnl
ID(`0246', `AC_resize', `Sel', `AC resize')dnl
ID(`0247', `AC_flip_horiz', `Sel', `AC flip horizontal')dnl
ID(`0248', `AC_flip_vert', `Sel', `AC flip vertical')dnl
ID(`0249', `AC_mirror_horiz', `Sel', `AC mirror horizontal')dnl
ID(`024A', `AC_mirror_vert', `Sel', `AC mirror vertical')dnl
ID(`024B', `AC_font_select', `Sel', `AC font select')dnl
ID(`024C', `AC_font_color', `Sel', `AC font color')dnl
ID(`024D', `AC_font_size', `Sel', `AC font size')dnl
ID(`024E', `AC_justify_left', `Sel', `AC justify left')dnl
ID(`024F', `AC_justify_center_H', `Sel', `AC justify center H')dnl
ID(`0250', `AC_justify_right', `Sel', `AC justify right')dnl
ID(`0251', `AC_justify_block_H', `Sel', `AC justify block H')dnl
ID(`0252', `AC_justify_top', `Sel', `AC justify top')dnl
ID(`0253', `AC_justify_center_V', `Sel', `AC justify center V')dnl
ID(`0254', `AC_justify_bottom', `Sel', `AC justify bottom')dnl
ID(`0255', `AC_justify_block_V', `Sel', `AC justify block V')dnl
ID(`0256', `AC_indent_dec', `Sel', `AC indent decrease')dnl
ID(`0257', `AC_indent_inc', `Sel', `AC indent increase')dnl
ID(`0258', `AC_numbered_list', `Sel', `AC numbered list')dnl
ID(`0259', `AC_restart_numbering', `Sel', `AC restart numbering')dnl
ID(`025A', `AC_bulleted_list', `Sel', `AC bulleted list')dnl
ID(`025B', `AC_promote', `Sel', `AC promote')dnl
ID(`025C', `AC_demote', `Sel', `AC demote')dnl
ID(`025D', `AC_yes', `Sel', `AC yes')dnl
ID(`025E', `AC_no', `Sel', `AC no')dnl
ID(`025F', `AC_cancel', `Sel', `AC cancel')dnl
ID(`0260', `AC_catalog', `Sel', `AC catalog')dnl
ID(`0261', `AC_buy_or_checkout', `Sel', `AC buy/checkout')dnl
ID(`0262', `AC_add_to_cart', `Sel', `AC add to cart')dnl
ID(`0263', `AC_expand', `Sel', `AC expand')dnl
ID(`0264', `AC_expand_all', `Sel', `AC expand all')dnl
ID(`0265', `AC_collapse', `Sel', `AC collapse')dnl
ID(`0266', `AC_collapse_all', `Sel', `AC collapse all')dnl
ID(`0267', `AC_print_preview', `Sel', `AC print preview')dnl
ID(`0268', `AC_paste_special', `Sel', `AC paste special')dnl
ID(`0269', `AC_insert_mode', `Sel', `AC insert mode')dnl
ID(`026A', `AC_delete', `Sel', `AC delete')dnl
ID(`026B', `AC_lock', `Sel', `AC lock')dnl
ID(`026C', `AC_unlock', `Sel', `AC unlock')dnl
ID(`026D', `AC_protect', `Sel', `AC protect')dnl
ID(`026E', `AC_unprotect', `Sel', `AC unprotect')dnl
ID(`026F', `AC_attach_comment', `Sel', `AC attach comment')dnl
ID(`0270', `AC_delete_comment', `Sel', `AC delete comment')dnl
ID(`0271', `AC_view_comment', `Sel', `AC view comment')dnl
ID(`0272', `AC_select_word', `Sel', `AC select word')dnl
ID(`0273', `AC_select_sentence', `Sel', `AC select sentence')dnl
ID(`0274', `AC_select_paragraph', `Sel', `AC select paragraph')dnl
ID(`0275', `AC_select_column', `Sel', `AC select column')dnl
ID(`0276', `AC_select_row', `Sel', `AC select row')dnl
ID(`0277', `AC_select_table', `Sel', `AC select table')dnl
ID(`0278', `AC_select_object', `Sel', `AC select object')dnl
ID(`0279', `AC_redo_or_repeat', `Sel', `AC redo/repeat')dnl
ID(`027A', `AC_sort', `Sel', `AC sort')dnl
ID(`027B', `AC_sort_ascending', `Sel', `AC sort ascending')dnl
ID(`027C', `AC_sort_descending', `Sel', `AC sort descending')dnl
ID(`027D', `AC_filter', `Sel', `AC filter')dnl
ID(`027E', `AC_set_clock', `Sel', `AC set clock')dnl
ID(`027F', `AC_view_clock', `Sel', `AC view clock')dnl
ID(`0280', `AC_select_time_zone', `Sel', `AC select time zone')dnl
ID(`0281', `AC_edit_time_zones', `Sel', `AC edit time zones')dnl
ID(`0282', `AC_set_alarm', `Sel', `AC set alarm')dnl
ID(`0283', `AC_clear_alarm', `Sel', `AC clear alarm')dnl
ID(`0284', `AC_snooze_alarm', `Sel', `AC snooze alarm')dnl
ID(`0285', `AC_reset_alarm', `Sel', `AC reset alarm')dnl
ID(`0286', `AC_synchronize', `Sel', `AC synchronize')dnl
ID(`0287', `AC_send_or_receive', `Sel', `AC send/receive')dnl
ID(`0288', `AC_send_to', `Sel', `AC send to')dnl
ID(`0289', `AC_reply', `Sel', `AC reply')dnl
ID(`028A', `AC_reply_all', `Sel', `AC reply all')dnl
ID(`028B', `AC_forward_msg', `Sel', `AC forward msg')dnl
ID(`028C', `AC_send', `Sel', `AC send')dnl
ID(`028D', `AC_attach_file', `Sel', `AC attach file')dnl
ID(`028E', `AC_upload', `Sel', `AC upload')dnl
ID(`028F', `AC_download_and_save_as', `Sel', `AC download (save target as)')dnl
ID(`0290', `AC_set_borders', `Sel', `AC set borders')dnl
ID(`0291', `AC_insert_row', `Sel', `AC insert row')dnl
ID(`0292', `AC_insert_column', `Sel', `AC insert column')dnl
ID(`0293', `AC_insert_file', `Sel', `AC insert file')dnl
ID(`0294', `AC_insert_picture', `Sel', `AC insert picture')dnl
ID(`0295', `AC_insert_object', `Sel', `AC insert object')dnl
ID(`0296', `AC_insert_symbol', `Sel', `AC insert symbol')dnl
ID(`0297', `AC_save_and_close', `Sel', `AC save and close')dnl
ID(`0298', `AC_rename', `Sel', `AC rename')dnl
ID(`0299', `AC_merge', `Sel', `AC merge')dnl
ID(`029A', `AC_split', `Sel', `AC split')dnl
ID(`029B', `AC_disribute_horiz', `Sel', `AC disribute horizontally')dnl
ID(`029C', `AC_distribute_vert', `Sel', `AC distribute vertically')dnl