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Digtwit is a very simple command-line tool in Java, that checks for a hashtag (#digmia in our case) in a user's friends feed on Twitter and retweets any messages mentioning that hashtag automatically. By following a user, you allow a user to be included in automatic retweets. It is meant to be run from cron.


This is a simple retweeting software. Uses JTwitter which is under LGPL license.

This software (Digtwit) is public domain, developed by Juraj Bednar ( It comes under absolutely no warranty. Test carefully before you use it.


You can use binaries that can be found under Releases.

Create file containing username, path to id file and string (probably a hashtag) to look for. Beware, that you have to escape "#" (#).

Run the application:

java -jar digtwit.jar

It will produce an URL, that you have to visit to allow Digtwit to access twitter using your username (note: you don't ever give your twitter password to digtwit).

Once you visit the page and authorize Digtwit, twitter will give you a PIN, which you will enter to the application. It will produce two options, that you need to cut & paste to your file.

On twitter, follow users you want to retweet from. This is sort of an access list.

Run the program periodically, e.g. from crontab using

java -jar digtwit.jar