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Content Information Type Specification for Relational Databases (using SIARD)

The purpose of this repository is to hold and maintain the "Content Information Type Specification for Relational Databases (RDB) using the format Software Independent Archiving of Relational Databases (SIARD)" in short called the "CITS SIARD".

SIARD is an independent format for archiving relational databases and hence has its own specification but there are areas where the SIARD specification deliberately states that packaging of the SIARD-file among other aspect is outside the scope of the SIARD specification: “It should be noted that the SIARD format is only the long-term storage format for a specific type of digital documents (relational databases) and is therefore designed entirely independently of package structures such as the SIP (Submission Information Package), AIP (Archival Information Package) and DIP (Dissemination Information Package) in the OAIS model. It is assumed that a database in SIARD format is archived as part of such an information package together with other documents (externalized large object files, translation maps for external file names, database documentation, business documents relevant to the understanding of the database, etc.).” SIARD 2.1.1, p. 7

This repository holds the CITS SIARD specification that describes how to package SIARD-files and any accompanying external LOBs in CSIP package(s). This specification also describes how to package extra metadata and context documentation so that long term preservation and dissemination can take place.