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Technical manual

Mikko Heikkinen edited this page Apr 11, 2018 · 34 revisions

This technical manual describes the technical side of DINA-Web and its modules.

Documentation and guidelines

Note that part of the documentation is on the Redmine wiki and not public.

Guidelines provide recommendations and best practices on how to build the DINA system in a consistent manner. Note that the guidelines are currently (12/2017) behind many latest developments.

Collections management

Collections management module is a tool for managing specimen data.

Accounts management (user management)

Accounts management is used for managing user accounts, authentication and permissions.

User management is handled using plain dockerized Keycloak with UI design customized for DINA. The Accounts management module is not currently developed further, but its status will be reviewed later.

Taxonomy management

Taxonomy management module will be used to manage taxon names and classifications. A simple taxonomy API is included in the collections repository, whereas more comprehensive taxonomy service is being planned.

Media Server


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