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Convert Election Markup Language (EML) to csv
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Improved version here

Election Markup Language (EML) to csv converter

Election Markup Language (EML) is an international standard for storing election data. The Dutch Electoral Council (Kiesraad) uses the EML format to publish election results per candidate, per polling station. For background information, see this blog post.

The script converts EML files from the Kiesraad to csv files.

Getting started

  • Create a project folder with subfolders data and script
  • Download election results here, unzip, and store in the data folder.
  • Run from the script folder.
  • The csv files will be stored in data/csv.


  • The script appears to work for Lower House (TK), Provincial Council (PS) and City Council (GR) election results, but not for referendums and Senate (EK) election results.
  • I have no idea whether non-Dutch election results in EML format can be parsed with this script.
  • Please check the results; they are not guaranteed to be accurate.
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