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The Dutch election council publishes election results in two formats:

  • A website Verkiezingsuitslagen where for each election, each municipality has its own page with local results;
  • Files in Election Markup Language (EML), published at the national government’s data portal.

Background (in Dutch)

Scrape Verkiezingsuitslagen website

This will produce a csv file containing results per municipality.


from kiesraad import scrape

df = scrape.parse_downloaded_pages('TK20170315')

Parse EML files

This will produce csv files for each municipality, containing results at polling station level. If desired, these can include votes per candidate.


from pathlib import Path
import pandas as pd
from kiesraad import parse_eml

source = Path('../data/TK2017')
dfs = parse_eml.parse_eml(source)
target = source / 'csv'
for name, df in dfs.items():
    path = target / f'{name}.csv'
    df.to_csv(path, index=False)


Please check the results; they are not guaranteed to be accurate.

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