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gvNIX install guide

This document details the steps to install gvNIX version 1.X.


To start with gvNIX you need:

Install Spring Tool Suite (STS)

Install STS 3.6.2. Go to and follow the instructions.

Install Roo Extension

Spring Roo is not longer included on STS distributions.

To include Roo Support on your STS, follow the next instructions:

  1. Open your STS IDE

  2. Open STS dashboard

  3. Click on Extensions bottom tab and search Spring Roo

  4. Install Spring Roo (current production release)
    Current production release

  5. Install Spring IDE - Roo Extension
    Roo Extension

  6. Restart STS IDE

Install gvNIX Support

Finally, install and setup gvNIX as default Roo support:

  1. Download the latest gvNIX version from

  2. Unzip downloaded file. For example, in Unix and Apple systems:

    bash:$HOME/software$ unzip
  3. After unzip the file a new folder called gvNIX-X.X.X-RELEASE will be created (from now on we will refer to it as $GVNIX_HOME instead).

  4. Run STS and go to Window > Preferences.

  5. In the new window browse to Spring > Roo Support. Press Add and write a name for the configuration, then press Browse... button and navigate to gvNIX folder (note if you have followed every single step, it should be at $GVNIX_HOME).

  6. Once you have selected gvNIX folder, you can see gvNIX version in Version: field.

  7. After pressing OK in parent windows you will complete gvNIX installation in your computer.