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gvNIX install guide

This document documents the steps to install gvNIX version 2.X.


To start with gvNIX you need:

Install Spring Tool Suite (STS)

Install STS 3.7.0. Go to and follow the instructions.

Install Roo Support

To install STS Roo Support, go to and follow the instructions.

Install gvNIX Support

  1. Open Spring Roo shell: "Window > Show View > Other…​ > Spring > Roo Shell"

  2. Install the URL of the repository that contains the gvNIX Roo Addon Suite:

    roo> addon repository add --url
  3. To know how many Roo Addon Suites contains the gvNIX repository, you run the command below:

    roo> addon suite list --repository
  4. You will see the list of Roo Addon Suite symbolic names available in that repository, something like:

    Getting all 'Roo Addon Suites' located on
    '' repository...
    1 Roo Addon Suites were found on ''
  5. Then install the Roo Addon Suite as follows:

    roo> addon suite install name --symbolicName org.gvnix.roo.addon.suite
  6. On success installation you will see something like:

    Subsystem dependency manager started.
    Getting 'Roo Addon Suite' dependencies...
        0 dependencies were found on selected 'Roo Addon Suite'
    Subsystem dependency manager finished.
    Installing subsystem...
    Subsystem successfully installed: org.gvnix.roo.addon.suite; id: 1
    Starting subsystem: 1
    Subsystem successfully started: org.gvnix.roo.addon.suite; id: 1

Now you have the gvNIX addons and commands in Roo, run help to see them.