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A Forest

An assembly based puzzle where a listing of x86 instructions are given and a register to provide the value of after the evaluation of the instructions.

Question Text

It is time to test your 1337 skills of doing assembly in your head. You get ten
seconds to evaluate the given x86-64 code listing and give us the value of the
register that has been randomly chosen from those modified. Assembly! Again, and
again, and again, and again, and again...


nc 1351

Creator - amon (@nn_amon)

Setup Guide

  1. Install docker on the hosting system
  2. Build the docker image with: sh
  3. Replace the port 1351 with your desired port in
  4. Start the docker image: sh
  5. Test the connectivity with netcat.

Exploit Details

Use keystone to assemble the x86-64 listing and unicorn to emulate the instructions and get the values after they have run.

Working solution is in service/