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The base image for the IDEKO VDC which is built with Node-RED and it includes:

  • The Throughput Agent
  • Node-RED

The Dockerfile downloads the Throughput Agent from the official repository and compiles it. Then copies the statically linked executable to a node-red:slim (alpine) image.

It runs the Throughput Agent as root, then installs the neccesary flows to install the IDEKO VDC, copies the flows.json and settings.json files to Node-RED /data directory and installs R. Finally, runs Node-red as node-red user.

It also pulls the anomaly detection algorithm from IDEKO's Bitbucket repository, so providing credentials is mandatory on build time.


To run properly, some requirements must be met:

  • Mount /opt/blueprint with the Throughput Agent config file: traffic.json. This passes the container the config file for the Throughput Agent.
  • Launch previously the Elasticsearch container that will save the data generated by the Throughput Agent.

How to run the container

Build using

docker build -t computation-vdc --build-arg bbuser=<bitbucket-user> --build-arg bbpass=<bitbucket-pass> .

from the folder where the Dockerfile is.

This info is for the Deployment Engine. NOTE: adapt the host paths. NOTE: As the end-users have their own Docker Registry and don't use the one at Docker Hub, the below command must use the ip and port of that registry.

docker run -d -p 1888:1888 --restart unless-stopped -v /HOST/CONFIG/FOLDER:/etc/ditas end-user-registry-ip:port/computation-vdc

Part by part:

  • 1888:1888 to map the Node-RED ports.
  • -v /HOST/CONFIG/FOLDER:/etc/config to provide the traffic.json with the Throughput Agent config. And perhaps the whole blueprint.
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