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RSSHub Radar

RSSHub Radar for RSSHub, a browser extension that helps you quickly discover and subscribe to RSS and RSSHub feeds from the current website. Everything is RSSible

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RSSHub Radar is a spin-off project of RSSHub, a browser extension that helps you quickly discover and subscribe to current website RSS and RSSHub

  • Quickly discover and subscribe to the RSS from the current page
  • Quickly discover and subscribe to RSSHub sources supported by the current page
  • Quickly discover the RSSHub supported by the current website
  • Supports one-click subscription RSS to Tiny Tiny RSS, Miniflux, FreshRSS, Nextcloud News, Feedly, Inoreader, Feedbin, The Old Reader, Feeds.Pub, BazQux Reader, Local Reader



Manual installation

First download the corresponding version of from the releases page and unzip it

Chrome install extension:

Open chrome://extensions/

Open the upper right corner Developer mode

Click Load unpacked extension in the upper left corner

Select the unzipped dist directory

Firefox install extension:

Open about:debugging

Click Load Temporary Extension in the upper right corner

Select the manifest.json file in the unzipped dist directory


Install the development version

Install dependencies and build the project:

pnpm i
pnpm build

or use npm

npm install
npm run build

Get the dist directory, the installation method refers to [manual installation](#manual installation)

RSSHub Documentation

See documentation



RSSHub Radar Β© DIYgod, Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by DIYgod with help from contributors (list).

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