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taptap is a command line utility to manipulate Oric tap files.

Oric range of computers (Oric-1, Oric Atmos, and Oric Telestrat) are a range of 8 bits computers produced in the 80's.

Oric tap files are the the most common types of image files used for the Oric emulators (Euphoric, Oricutron, ...), with the DSK files wich are floppy disks. Those files are digital versions of the analog tapes used to save and load program from or to those micro-computers.

You will find some detailed information about the tap file format in the documentation folder of this project.

taptap overview

taptap permits to split, join, extract or copy from, get the catalog of, or set some parameters of oric files contained in tap files.

taptap was written in Object Pascal.


They are not particular prerequisite for using taptap (no need to install any other software)



The source code can be compiled with Delphi Community (2018 version) or Delphi Tokyo, that can be downloaded on the Embarcadero web site. You can compile this tool for windows 32 bits (compatible with all windows versions from XP to Windows 10, 32 and 64 bits), or you can also compile the sources for Win 64.


The source code for Linux can be compiled with Lazarus In linux, you must set the permissions for the taptap file to allow its execution as a program.


They are provided only for Windows (for the moment)


The help is self contained in the executable, and you can start using taptap from a terminal windows by typing... ...for windows :


...for Linux :



  • Chloé Avrillon (myself, aka LadyWasky/Waskol in Delphi and Oric forums)


This piece of softwares follows the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (Version 3, 29 June 2007) Please, note :

  • The project is open source and offered without any restrictions to the Oric community.
  • I would be pleased and honored to be granted for my work.
  • I do not allow commercial usage of this tool, nor of a part of it's code, without my consent. Terms of such a usage must be debated with me, Chloé AVRILLON, original author of taptap.
  • I do not allow that somebody or a company grant him or itself as the author or proprietary of taptap or a piece of it's code.