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Plugin-SDK (Grand Theft Auto 3) header file
Authors: GTA Community. See more here
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#pragma once
#include "PluginBase.h"
#include "CVector.h"
class CPointLight {
CVector m_vecPosition;
CVector m_vecDirection;
float m_fRange;
float m_fColorRed;
float m_fColorGreen;
float m_fColorBlue;
unsigned char m_nType;
unsigned char m_nFogType;
bool m_bGenerateShadows;
char _pad2B;
VALIDATE_SIZE(CPointLight, 0x2C);
class CPointLights {
// static variables
// num of registered lights in frame
static unsigned short &NumLights;
// lights array. Count: MAX_POINTLIGHTS (32)
static CPointLight *aPointLights;
// static functions
static void AddLight(unsigned char lightType, CVector point, CVector direction, float radius, float red, float green, float blue, unsigned char fogType, bool generateExtraShadows);
static float GenerateLightsAffectingObject(CVector* point);
static void RemoveLightsAffectingObject();
static void RenderFogEffect();
extern unsigned int MAX_POINTLIGHTS; // default: 32
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