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Plugin-SDK (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas) header file
Authors: GTA Community. See more here
Do not delete this comment block. Respect others' work!
#pragma once
#include "PluginBase.h"
#include "CPhysical.h"
#include "CObjectInfo.h"
enum eObjectType {
class CDummyObject;
class CObject : public CPhysical {
void *m_pControlCodeList;
unsigned char m_nObjectType; // see enum eObjectType
unsigned char m_nBonusValue;
unsigned short m_wCostValue;
struct {
unsigned int b01 : 1;
unsigned int b02 : 1;
unsigned int bPickupPropertyForSale : 1;
unsigned int bPickupInShopOutOfStock : 1;
unsigned int bGlassBroken : 1;
unsigned int b06 : 1;
unsigned int bIsExploded : 1;
unsigned int b08 : 1;
unsigned int bIsLampPost : 1;
unsigned int bIsTargatable : 1;
unsigned int bIsBroken : 1;
unsigned int bTrainCrossEnabled : 1;
unsigned int bIsPhotographed : 1;
unsigned int bIsLiftable : 1;
unsigned int bIsDoorMoving : 1;
unsigned int bbIsDoorOpen : 1;
unsigned int bHasNoModel : 1;
unsigned int bIsScaled : 1;
unsigned int bCanBeAttachedToMagnet : 1;
unsigned int b20 : 1;
unsigned int b21 : 1;
unsigned int b22 : 1;
unsigned int bFadingIn : 1; // works only for objects with type 2 (OBJECT_MISSION)
unsigned int bAffectedByColBrightness : 1;
unsigned int b25 : 1;
unsigned int bDoNotRender : 1;
unsigned int bFadingIn2 : 1;
unsigned int b28 : 1;
unsigned int b29 : 1;
unsigned int b30 : 1;
unsigned int b31 : 1;
unsigned int b32 : 1;
} m_nObjectFlags;
unsigned char m_nColDamageEffect;
unsigned char m_nStoredColDamageEffect;
char field_146;
char m_nGarageDoorGarageIndex;
unsigned char m_nLastWeaponDamage;
unsigned char m_nDayBrightness : 4;
unsigned char m_nNightBrightness : 4;
short m_nRefModelIndex;
unsigned char m_nCarColor[4]; // this is used for detached car parts
int m_dwRemovalTime; // time when this object must be deleted
float m_fHealth;
float m_fDoorStartAngle; // this is used for door objects
float m_fScale;
CObjectInfo *m_pObjectInfo;
class CFire *m_pFire; // CFire *
short m_wScriptTriggerIndex;
short m_wRemapTxd; // this is used for detached car parts
RwTexture *m_pRemapTexture; // this is used for detached car parts
CDummyObject *m_pDummyObject; // used for dynamic objects like garage doors, train crossings etc.
int m_dwBurnTime; // time when particles must be stopped
float m_fBurnDamage;
// class functions
void ProcessGarageDoorBehaviour();
bool CanBeDeleted();
void SetRelatedDummy(CDummyObject* relatedDummy);
bool TryToExplode();
void SetObjectTargettable(unsigned char targetable);
bool CanBeTargetted();
void RefModelInfo(int modelIndex);
void SetRemapTexture(RwTexture* remapTexture, short txdIndex);
float GetRopeHeight();
void SetRopeHeight(float height);
CEntity* GetObjectCarriedWithRope();
void ReleaseObjectCarriedWithRope();
void AddToControlCodeList();
void RemoveFromControlCodeList();
void ResetDoorAngle();
void LockDoor();
void Init();
void DoBurnEffect();
unsigned char GetLightingFromCollisionBelow();
void ProcessSamSiteBehaviour();
void ProcessTrainCrossingBehaviour();
void ObjectDamage(float damage, CVector* fxOrigin, CVector* fxDirection, CEntity* damager, eWeaponType weaponType);
void Explode();
void ObjectFireDamage(float damage, CEntity* damager);
void GrabObjectToCarryWithRope(CPhysical* attachTo);
bool CanBeUsedToTakeCoverBehind();
static class CObject* Create(int modelIndex);
static class CObject* Create(CDummyObject* dummyObject);
void ProcessControlLogic();
// static functions
static void SetMatrixForTrainCrossing(CMatrix* matrix, float arg1);
static void TryToFreeUpTempObjects(int numObjects);
static void DeleteAllTempObjects();
static void DeleteAllMissionObjects();
static void DeleteAllTempObjectsInArea(CVector point, float radius);
VALIDATE_SIZE(CObject, 0x17C);
bool IsObjectPointerValid_NotInWorld(CObject* object);
bool IsObjectPointerValid(CObject* object);
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