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Plugin-SDK (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas) header file
Authors: GTA Community. See more here
Do not delete this comment block. Respect others' work!
#pragma once
#include "PluginBase.h"
#include "CPhysical.h"
#include "CAEVehicleAudioEntity.h"
#include "tHandlingData.h"
#include "tFlyingHandlingData.h"
#include "CAutoPilot.h"
#include "eVehicleHandlingFlags.h"
#include "CStoredCollPoly.h"
#include "CVehicleModelInfo.h"
#include "tBoatHandlingData.h"
#include "CPtrList.h"
#include "CRideAnimData.h"
#include "CDamageManager.h"
#include "FxSystem_c.h"
#include "CFire.h"
/* Thanks to MTA team for */
enum eCarWeapon {
enum eCarLock {
enum eVehicleType {
enum eVehicleApperance {
enum eVehicleLightsFlags {
enum eVehicleCreatedBy {
enum eBombState {
#if 0
enum eOrdnanceType;
enum eFlightModel;
enum eDoors;
enum eBikeWheelSpecial;
typedef int eOrdnanceType;
typedef int eFlightModel;
typedef int eBikeWheelSpecial;
class CWeapon;
class CPed;
typedef int tWheelState;
class PLUGIN_API CVehicle : public CPhysical {
CVehicle(plugin::dummy_func_t) : CPhysical(plugin::dummy) {}
CAEVehicleAudioEntity m_vehicleAudio;
tHandlingData *m_pHandlingData;
tFlyingHandlingData *m_pFlyingHandlingData;
eVehicleHandlingFlags m_nHandlingFlagsIntValue;
struct {
unsigned int b1gBoost : 1;
unsigned int b2gBoost : 1;
unsigned int bNpcAntiRoll : 1;
unsigned int bNpcNeutralHandl : 1;
unsigned int bNoHandbrake : 1;
unsigned int bSteerRearwheels : 1;
unsigned int bHbRearwheelSteer : 1;
unsigned int bAltSteerOpt : 1;
unsigned int bWheelFNarrow2 : 1;
unsigned int bWheelFNarrow : 1;
unsigned int bWheelFWide : 1;
unsigned int bWheelFWide2 : 1;
unsigned int bWheelRNarrow2 : 1;
unsigned int bWheelRNarrow : 1;
unsigned int bWheelRWide : 1;
unsigned int bWheelRWide2 : 1;
unsigned int bHydraulicGeom : 1;
unsigned int bHydraulicInst : 1;
unsigned int bHydraulicNone : 1;
unsigned int bNosInst : 1;
unsigned int bOffroadAbility : 1;
unsigned int bOffroadAbility2 : 1;
unsigned int bHalogenLights : 1;
unsigned int bProcRearwheelFirst : 1;
unsigned int bUseMaxspLimit : 1;
unsigned int bLowRider : 1;
unsigned int bStreetRacer : 1;
unsigned int bSwingingChassis : 1;
} m_nHandlingFlags;
CAutoPilot m_autoPilot;
struct {
unsigned char bIsLawEnforcer : 1; // Is this guy chasing the player at the moment
unsigned char bIsAmbulanceOnDuty : 1; // Ambulance trying to get to an accident
unsigned char bIsFireTruckOnDuty : 1; // Firetruck trying to get to a fire
unsigned char bIsLocked : 1; // Is this guy locked by the script (cannot be removed)
unsigned char bEngineOn : 1; // For sound purposes. Parked cars have their engines switched off (so do destroyed cars)
unsigned char bIsHandbrakeOn : 1; // How's the handbrake doing ?
unsigned char bLightsOn : 1; // Are the lights switched on ?
unsigned char bFreebies : 1; // Any freebies left in this vehicle ?
unsigned char bIsVan : 1; // Is this vehicle a van (doors at back of vehicle)
unsigned char bIsBus : 1; // Is this vehicle a bus
unsigned char bIsBig : 1; // Is this vehicle a bus
unsigned char bLowVehicle : 1; // Need this for sporty type cars to use low getting-in/out anims
unsigned char bComedyControls : 1; // Will make the car hard to control (hopefully in a funny way)
unsigned char bWarnedPeds : 1; // Has scan and warn peds of danger been processed?
unsigned char bCraneMessageDone : 1; // A crane message has been printed for this car allready
unsigned char bTakeLessDamage : 1; // This vehicle is stronger (takes about 1/4 of damage)
unsigned char bIsDamaged : 1; // This vehicle has been damaged and is displaying all its components
unsigned char bHasBeenOwnedByPlayer : 1;// To work out whether stealing it is a crime
unsigned char bFadeOut : 1; // Fade vehicle out
unsigned char bIsBeingCarJacked : 1; // Fade vehicle out
unsigned char bCreateRoadBlockPeds : 1;// If this vehicle gets close enough we will create peds (coppers or gang members) round it
unsigned char bCanBeDamaged : 1; // Set to FALSE during cut scenes to avoid explosions
unsigned char bOccupantsHaveBeenGenerated : 1; // Is true if the occupants have already been generated. (Shouldn't happen again)
unsigned char bGunSwitchedOff : 1; // Level designers can use this to switch off guns on boats
unsigned char bVehicleColProcessed : 1;// Has ProcessEntityCollision been processed for this car?
unsigned char bIsCarParkVehicle : 1; // Car has been created using the special CAR_PARK script command
unsigned char bHasAlreadyBeenRecorded : 1; // Used for replays
unsigned char bPartOfConvoy : 1;
unsigned char bHeliMinimumTilt : 1; // This heli should have almost no tilt really
unsigned char bAudioChangingGear : 1; // sounds like vehicle is changing gear
unsigned char bIsDrowning : 1; // is vehicle occupants taking damage in water (i.e. vehicle is dead in water)
unsigned char bTyresDontBurst : 1; // If this is set the tyres are invincible
unsigned char bCreatedAsPoliceVehicle : 1;// True if this guy was created as a police vehicle (enforcer, policecar, miamivice car etc)
unsigned char bRestingOnPhysical : 1; // Dont go static cause car is sitting on a physical object that might get removed
unsigned char bParking : 1;
unsigned char bCanPark : 1;
unsigned char bFireGun : 1; // Does the ai of this vehicle want to fire it's gun?
unsigned char bDriverLastFrame : 1; // Was there a driver present last frame ?
unsigned char bNeverUseSmallerRemovalRange : 1;// Some vehicles (like planes) we don't want to remove just behind the camera.
unsigned char bIsRCVehicle : 1; // Is this a remote controlled (small) vehicle. True whether the player or AI controls it.
unsigned char bAlwaysSkidMarks : 1; // This vehicle leaves skidmarks regardless of the wheels' states.
unsigned char bEngineBroken : 1; // Engine doesn't work. Player can get in but the vehicle won't drive
unsigned char bVehicleCanBeTargetted : 1;// The ped driving this vehicle can be targetted, (for Torenos plane mission)
unsigned char bPartOfAttackWave : 1; // This car is used in an attack during a gang war
unsigned char bWinchCanPickMeUp : 1; // This car cannot be picked up by any ropes.
unsigned char bImpounded : 1; // Has this vehicle been in a police impounding garage
unsigned char bVehicleCanBeTargettedByHS : 1;// Heat seeking missiles will not target this vehicle.
unsigned char bSirenOrAlarm : 1; // Set to TRUE if siren or alarm active, else FALSE
unsigned char bHasGangLeaningOn : 1;
unsigned char bGangMembersForRoadBlock : 1;// Will generate gang members if NumPedsForRoadBlock > 0
unsigned char bDoesProvideCover : 1; // If this is false this particular vehicle can not be used to take cover behind.
unsigned char bMadDriver : 1; // This vehicle is driving like a lunatic
unsigned char bUpgradedStereo : 1; // This vehicle has an upgraded stereo
unsigned char bConsideredByPlayer : 1; // This vehicle is considered by the player to enter
unsigned char bPetrolTankIsWeakPoint : 1;// If false shootong the petrol tank will NOT Blow up the car
unsigned char bDisableParticles : 1; // Disable particles from this car. Used in garage.
unsigned char bHasBeenResprayed : 1; // Has been resprayed in a respray garage. Reset after it has been checked.
unsigned char bUseCarCheats : 1; // If this is true will set the car cheat stuff up in ProcessControl()
unsigned char bDontSetColourWhenRemapping : 1;// If the texture gets remapped we don't want to change the colour with it.
unsigned char bUsedForReplay : 1; // This car is controlled by replay and should be removed when replay is done.
} m_nVehicleFlags;
unsigned int m_nCreationTime;
unsigned char m_nPrimaryColor;
unsigned char m_nSecondaryColor;
unsigned char m_nTertiaryColor;
unsigned char m_nQuaternaryColor;
char m_anExtras[2];
short m_anUpgrades[15];
float m_fWheelScale;
unsigned short m_nAlarmState;
short m_nForcedRandomRouteSeed; // if this is non-zero the random wander gets deterministic
CPed *m_pDriver;
CPed *m_apPassengers[8];
unsigned char m_nNumPassengers;
unsigned char m_nNumGettingIn;
unsigned char m_nGettingInFlags;
unsigned char m_nGettingOutFlags;
unsigned char m_nMaxPassengers;
unsigned char m_nWindowsOpenFlags; // initialised, but not used?
unsigned char m_nNitroBoosts;
unsigned char m_nSpecialColModel;
CEntity *m_pEntityWeAreOn; // we get it from CWorld::ProcessVerticalLine or ProcessEntityCollision, it's entity under us,
//only static entities (buildings or roads)
CFire *m_pFire;
float m_fSteerAngle;
float m_f2ndSteerAngle; // used for steering 2nd set of wheels or elevators etc..
float m_fGasPedal;
float m_fBreakPedal;
unsigned char m_nCreatedBy; // see eVehicleCreatedBy
short m_nExtendedRemovalRange; // when game wants to delete a vehicle, it gets min(m_wExtendedRemovalRange, 170.0)
unsigned char m_nBombOnBoard : 3; // 0 = None
// 1 = Timed
// 2 = On ignition
// 3 = remotely set ?
// 4 = Timed Bomb has been activated
// 5 = On ignition has been activated
unsigned char m_nOverrideLights : 2; // uses enum NO_CAR_LIGHT_OVERRIDE, FORCE_CAR_LIGHTS_OFF, FORCE_CAR_LIGHTS_ON
unsigned char m_nWinchType : 2; // Does this vehicle use a winch?
unsigned char m_nGunsCycleIndex : 2; // Cycle through alternate gun hardpoints on planes/helis
unsigned char m_nOrdnanceCycleIndex : 2; // Cycle through alternate ordnance hardpoints on planes/helis
unsigned char m_nUsedForCover; // Has n number of cops hiding/attempting to hid behind it
unsigned char m_nAmmoInClip; // Used to make the guns on boat do a reload (20 by default).
unsigned char m_nPacMansCollected; // initialised, but not used?
unsigned char m_nPedsPositionForRoadBlock; // 0, 1 or 2
unsigned char m_nNumCopsForRoadBlock;
float m_fDirtLevel; // Dirt level of vehicle body texture: 0.0f=fully clean, 15.0f=maximum dirt visible
unsigned char m_nCurrentGear;
float m_fGearChangeCount; // used as parameter for cTransmission::CalculateDriveAcceleration, but doesn't change
float m_fWheelSpinForAudio;
float m_fHealth; // 1000.0f = full health. 0 -> explode
CVehicle *m_pTractor;
CVehicle *m_pTrailer;
CPed *m_pWhoInstalledBombOnMe;
unsigned int m_nTimeTillWeNeedThisCar; // game won't try to delete this car while this time won't reach
unsigned int m_nGunFiringTime; // last time when gun on vehicle was fired (used on boats)
unsigned int m_nTimeWhenBlowedUp; // game will delete vehicle when 60 seconds after this time will expire
short m_nCopsInCarTimer; // timer for police car (which is following player) occupants to stay in car. If this timer reachs
// some value, they will leave a car. The timer increases each frame if player is stopped in car,
// otherway it resets
short m_wBombTimer; // goes down with each frame
CPed *m_pWhoDetonatedMe; // if vehicle was detonated, game copies m_pWhoInstalledBombOnMe here
float m_fVehicleFrontGroundZ; // we get these values from CCollision::IsStoredPolyStillValidVerticalLine
float m_fVehicleRearGroundZ; // or CWorld::ProcessVerticalLine
char field_4EC; // initialised, but not used?
char field_4ED[11]; // possibly non-used data?
unsigned int m_nDoorLock; // see enum eCarLock
unsigned int m_nProjectileWeaponFiringTime; // manual-aimed projectiles for hunter, lock-on projectile for hydra
unsigned int m_nAdditionalProjectileWeaponFiringTime; // manual-aimed projectiles for hydra
unsigned int m_nTimeForMinigunFiring; // minigun on hunter
unsigned char m_nLastWeaponDamageType; // see eWeaponType, -1 if no damage
CEntity *m_pLastDamageEntity;
char field_510; // not used?
char field_511; // initialised, but not used?
char field_512; // initialised, but not used?
char m_nVehicleWeaponInUse; // see enum eCarWeapon
unsigned int m_nHornCounter;
char field_518; // random id related to siren
char field_519; // car horn related
char field_51A;
char m_nHasslePosId;
CStoredCollPoly m_FrontCollPoly; // poly which is under front part of car
CStoredCollPoly m_RearCollPoly; // poly which is under rear part of car
unsigned char m_anCollisionLighting[4]; // left front, left rear, right front, right rear
FxSystem_c *m_pOverheatParticle;
FxSystem_c *m_pFireParticle;
FxSystem_c *m_pDustParticle;
unsigned char m_nRenderLightsFlags;
unsigned char m_bRightFront : 1;
unsigned char m_bLeftFront : 1;
unsigned char m_bRightRear : 1;
unsigned char m_bLeftRear : 1;
} m_renderLights;
RwTexture *m_pCustomCarPlate;
CVehicle *field_58C;
unsigned int m_nVehicleClass; // see enum eVehicleClass
unsigned int m_nVehicleSubClass;
short m_nPreviousRemapTxd;
short m_nRemapTxd;
RwTexture *m_pRemapTexture;
static float &WHEELSPIN_TARGET_RATE; // 1.0
static float &WHEELSPIN_INAIR_TARGET_RATE; // 10.0
static float &WHEELSPIN_RISE_RATE; // 0.95
static float &WHEELSPIN_FALL_RATE; // 0.7
static float &m_fAirResistanceMult; // 2.5
static float &ms_fRailTrackResistance; // 0.003
static float &ms_fRailTrackResistanceDefault; // 0.003
static bool &bDisableRemoteDetonation;
static bool &bDisableRemoteDetonationOnContact;
static bool &m_bEnableMouseSteering;
static bool &m_bEnableMouseFlying;
static int &m_nLastControlInput;
static CColModel **m_aSpecialColVehicle; // CColModel *CVehicle::m_aSpecialColVehicle[4]
static bool &ms_forceVehicleLightsOff;
static bool &s_bPlaneGunsEjectShellCasings;
static CColModel *m_aSpecialColModel; // static CColModel m_aSpecialColModel[4]
// originally vtable functions
void ProcessControlCollisionCheck();
void ProcessControlInputs(unsigned char playerNum);
// component index in m_apModelNodes array
void GetComponentWorldPosition(int componentId, CVector& posnOut);
// component index in m_apModelNodes array
bool IsComponentPresent(int componentId);
void OpenDoor(CPed* ped, int componentId, eDoors door, float doorOpenRatio, bool playSound);
void ProcessOpenDoor(CPed* ped, unsigned int doorComponentId, unsigned int arg2, unsigned int arg3, float arg4);
float GetDooorAngleOpenRatio(unsigned int door);
float GetDooorAngleOpenRatio(eDoors door);
bool IsDoorReady(unsigned int door);
bool IsDoorReady(eDoors door);
bool IsDoorFullyOpen(unsigned int door);
bool IsDoorFullyOpen(eDoors door);
bool IsDoorClosed(unsigned int door);
bool IsDoorClosed(eDoors door);
bool IsDoorMissing(unsigned int door);
bool IsDoorMissing(eDoors door);
// check if car has roof as extra
bool IsOpenTopCar();
// remove ref to this entity
void RemoveRefsToVehicle(CEntity* entity);
void BlowUpCar(CEntity* damager, unsigned char bHideExplosion);
void BlowUpCarCutSceneNoExtras(bool bNoCamShake, bool bNoSpawnFlyingComps, bool bDetachWheels, bool bExplosionSound);
bool SetUpWheelColModel(CColModel* wheelCol);
// returns false if it's not possible to burst vehicle's tyre or it is already damaged. bPhysicalEffect=true applies random moving force to vehicle
bool BurstTyre(unsigned char tyreComponentId, bool bPhysicalEffect);
bool IsRoomForPedToLeaveCar(unsigned int arg0, CVector* arg1);
void ProcessDrivingAnims(CPed* driver, unsigned char arg1);
// get special ride anim data for bile or quad
CRideAnimData* GetRideAnimData();
void SetupSuspensionLines();
CVector AddMovingCollisionSpeed(CVector& arg0);
void Fix();
void SetupDamageAfterLoad();
void DoBurstAndSoftGroundRatios();
float GetHeightAboveRoad();
void PlayCarHorn();
int GetNumContactWheels();
void VehicleDamage(float damageIntensity, unsigned short collisionComponent, CEntity* damager, CVector* vecCollisionCoors, CVector* vecCollisionDirection, eWeaponType weapon);
bool CanPedStepOutCar(bool arg0);
bool CanPedJumpOutCar(CPed* ped);
bool GetTowHitchPos(CVector& posnOut, bool arg1, CVehicle* arg2);
bool GetTowBarPos(CVector& posnOut, bool arg1, CVehicle* arg2);
// always return true
bool SetTowLink(CVehicle* arg0, bool arg1);
bool BreakTowLink();
float FindWheelWidth(bool bRear);
// always return true
bool Save();
// always return true
bool Load();
static void Shutdown();
// -1 if no remap index
int GetRemapIndex();
void SetRemapTexDictionary(int txdId);
// index for m_awRemapTxds[] array
void SetRemap(int remapIndex);
void SetCollisionLighting(unsigned char lighting);
void UpdateLightingFromStoredPolys();
void CalculateLightingFromCollision();
void ResetAfterRender();
// 2 - bike, 3 - heli, 4 - boat, 5 - plane
int GetVehicleAppearance();
// returns false if vehicle model has no car plate material
bool CustomCarPlate_TextureCreate(CVehicleModelInfo* model);
void CustomCarPlate_TextureDestroy();
bool CanBeDeleted();
float ProcessWheelRotation(tWheelState wheelState, CVector const& arg1, CVector const& arg2, float arg3);
bool CanVehicleBeDamaged(CEntity* damager, eWeaponType weapon, unsigned char* arg2);
void ProcessDelayedExplosion();
bool AddPassenger(CPed* passenger);
bool AddPassenger(CPed* passenger, unsigned char seatNumber);
void RemovePassenger(CPed* passenger);
void SetDriver(CPed* driver);
void RemoveDriver(bool arg0);
CPed* SetUpDriver(int pedType, bool arg1, bool arg2);
CPed* SetupPassenger(int seatNumber, int pedType, bool arg2, bool arg3);
bool IsPassenger(CPed* ped);
bool IsPassenger(int modelIndex);
bool IsDriver(CPed* ped);
bool IsDriver(int modelIndex);
void KillPedsInVehicle();
// return this->m_pCoords-> <= -0.9;
bool IsUpsideDown();
// return this->m_pCoords->matrix.right.z >= 0.8 || this->m_pCoords->matrix.right.z <= -0.8;
bool IsOnItsSide();
bool CanPedOpenLocks(CPed* ped);
bool CanDoorsBeDamaged();
bool CanPedEnterCar();
void ProcessCarAlarm();
bool IsVehicleNormal();
void ChangeLawEnforcerState(unsigned char state);
bool IsLawEnforcementVehicle();
bool ShufflePassengersToMakeSpace();
void ExtinguishCarFire();
void ActivateBomb();
void ActivateBombWhenEntered();
bool CarHasRoof();
float HeightAboveCeiling(float arg0, eFlightModel arg1);
void SetComponentVisibility(RwFrame* component, unsigned int visibilityState);
void ApplyBoatWaterResistance(tBoatHandlingData* boatHandling, float arg1);
static void SetComponentAtomicAlpha(RpAtomic* atomic, int alpha);
void UpdateClumpAlpha();
void UpdatePassengerList();
CPed* PickRandomPassenger();
void AddDamagedVehicleParticles();
void MakeDirty(CColPoint& colPoint);
bool AddWheelDirtAndWater(CColPoint& colPoint, unsigned int arg1, unsigned char arg2, unsigned char arg3);
void SetGettingInFlags(unsigned char doorId);
void SetGettingOutFlags(unsigned char doorId);
void ClearGettingInFlags(unsigned char doorId);
void ClearGettingOutFlags(unsigned char doorId);
void SetWindowOpenFlag(unsigned char doorId);
void ClearWindowOpenFlag(unsigned char doorId);
bool SetVehicleUpgradeFlags(int upgradeModelIndex, int componentIndex, int& resultModelIndex);
bool ClearVehicleUpgradeFlags(int arg0, int componentIndex);
RpAtomic* CreateUpgradeAtomic(CBaseModelInfo* model, UpgradePosnDesc const* upgradePosn, RwFrame* parentComponent, bool isDamaged);
void RemoveUpgrade(int upgradeId);
// return upgrade model id or -1 if not present
int GetUpgrade(int upgradeId);
RpAtomic* CreateReplacementAtomic(CBaseModelInfo* model, RwFrame* component, int arg2, bool bDamaged, bool bIsWheel);
void AddReplacementUpgrade(int modelIndex, int nodeId);
void RemoveReplacementUpgrade(int nodeId);
// return upgrade model id or -1 if not present
void GetReplacementUpgrade(int nodeId);
void RemoveAllUpgrades();
int GetSpareHasslePosId();
void SetHasslePosId(int hasslePos, bool enable);
void InitWinch(int arg0);
void UpdateWinch();
void RemoveWinch();
void ReleasePickedUpEntityWithWinch();
void PickUpEntityWithWinch(CEntity* arg0);
CEntity* QueryPickedUpEntityWithWinch();
float GetRopeHeightForHeli();
void SetRopeHeightForHeli(float height);
void RenderDriverAndPassengers();
void PreRenderDriverAndPassengers();
float GetPlaneGunsAutoAimAngle();
int GetPlaneNumGuns();
void SetFiringRateMultiplier(float multiplier);
float GetFiringRateMultiplier();
unsigned int GetPlaneGunsRateOfFire();
CVector GetPlaneGunsPosition(int gunId);
unsigned int GetPlaneOrdnanceRateOfFire(eOrdnanceType ordnanceType);
CVector GetPlaneOrdnancePosition(eOrdnanceType ordnanceType);
void SelectPlaneWeapon(bool bChange, eOrdnanceType ordnanceType);
void DoPlaneGunFireFX(CWeapon* weapon, CVector& particlePos, CVector& gunshellPos, int particleIndex);
void FirePlaneGuns();
void FireUnguidedMissile(eOrdnanceType ordnanceType, bool bCheckTime);
bool CanBeDriven();
void ReactToVehicleDamage(CPed* ped);
bool GetVehicleLightsStatus();
bool CanPedLeanOut(CPed* ped);
void SetVehicleCreatedBy(int createdBy);
void SetupRender();
void ProcessWheel(CVector& arg0, CVector& arg1, CVector& arg2, CVector& arg3, int arg4, float arg5, float arg6, float arg7, char arg8, float* arg9, tWheelState* arg10, unsigned short arg11);
void ProcessBikeWheel(CVector& arg0, CVector& arg1, CVector& arg2, CVector& arg3, int arg4, float arg5, float arg6, float arg7, float arg8, char arg9, float* arg10, tWheelState* arg11, eBikeWheelSpecial arg12, unsigned short arg13);
// return nearest wheel?
int FindTyreNearestPoint(float x, float y);
void InflictDamage(CEntity* damager, eWeaponType weapon, float intensity, CVector coords);
void KillPedsGettingInVehicle();
bool UsesSiren();
bool IsSphereTouchingVehicle(float x, float y, float z, float radius);
void FlyingControl(eFlightModel flightModel, float arg1, float arg2, float arg3, float arg4);
// always return false?
void BladeColSectorList(CPtrList& ptrList, CColModel& colModel, CMatrix& matrix, short arg3, float arg4);
void SetComponentRotation(RwFrame* component, int axis, float angle, bool bResetPosition);
void SetTransmissionRotation(RwFrame* component, float arg1, float arg2, CVector posn, bool isFront);
void ProcessBoatControl(tBoatHandlingData* boatHandling, float& arg1, bool arg2, bool arg3);
void DoBoatSplashes(float arg0);
void DoSunGlare();
void AddWaterSplashParticles();
void AddExhaustParticles();
// always return false?
bool AddSingleWheelParticles(tWheelState arg0, unsigned int arg1, float arg2, float arg3, CColPoint* arg4, CVector* arg5, float arg6, int arg7, unsigned int surfaceType, bool* bloodState, unsigned int arg10);
bool GetSpecialColModel();
void RemoveVehicleUpgrade(int upgradeModelIndex);
void AddUpgrade(int modelIndex, int upgradeIndex);
void UpdateTrailerLink(bool arg0, bool arg1);
void UpdateTractorLink(bool arg0, bool arg1);
CEntity* ScanAndMarkTargetForHeatSeekingMissile(CEntity* entity);
void FireHeatSeakingMissile(CEntity* targetEntity, eOrdnanceType ordnanceType, bool arg2);
void PossiblyDropFreeFallBombForPlayer(eOrdnanceType ordnanceType, bool arg1);
void ProcessSirenAndHorn(bool arg0);
bool DoHeadLightEffect(int dummyId, CMatrix& vehicleMatrix, unsigned char lightId, unsigned char lightState);
void DoHeadLightBeam(int arg0, CMatrix& matrix, unsigned char arg2);
void DoHeadLightReflectionSingle(CMatrix& matrix, unsigned char lightId);
void DoHeadLightReflectionTwin(CMatrix& matrix);
void DoHeadLightReflection(CMatrix& matrix, unsigned int flags, unsigned char left, unsigned char right);
bool DoTailLightEffect(int lightId, CMatrix& matrix, unsigned char arg2, unsigned char arg3, unsigned int arg4, unsigned char arg5);
// see eVehicleLightsFlags
void DoVehicleLights(CMatrix& matrix, unsigned int flags);
void FillVehicleWithPeds(bool bSetClothesToAfro);
void DoBladeCollision(CVector arg0, CMatrix& matrix, short arg2, float arg3, float arg4);
void AddVehicleUpgrade(int modelId);
void SetupUpgradesAfterLoad();
void GetPlaneWeaponFiringStatus(bool& status, eOrdnanceType& ordnanceType);
void ProcessWeapons();
static void* operator new(unsigned int size);
static void operator delete(void* data);
VALIDATE_SIZE(CVehicle, 0x5A0);
bool IsVehiclePointerValid(CVehicle* vehicle);
RpAtomic* RemoveUpgradeCB(RpAtomic* atomic, void* data);
RpAtomic* FindUpgradeCB(RpAtomic* atomic, void* data);
RwObject* RemoveObjectsCB(RwObject* object, void* data);
RwFrame* RemoveObjectsCB(RwFrame* component, void* data);
RwObject* CopyObjectsCB(RwObject* object, void* data);
RwObject* FindReplacementUpgradeCB(RwObject* object, void* data);
RpAtomic* RemoveAllUpgradesCB(RpAtomic* atomic, void* data);
RpMaterial* SetCompAlphaCB(RpMaterial* material, void* data);
RwObject* SetVehicleAtomicVisibilityCB(RwObject* object, void* data);
RwFrame* SetVehicleAtomicVisibilityCB(RwFrame* component, void* data);
void DestroyVehicleAndDriverAndPassengers(CVehicle* vehicle);
extern float &fBurstTyreMod; // 0.13
extern float &fBurstSpeedMax; // 0.3
extern float &CAR_NOS_EXTRA_SKID_LOSS; // 0.9
extern float &WS_TRAC_FRAC_LIMIT; // 0.3
extern float &WS_ALREADY_SPINNING_LOSS; // 0.2
extern float &fBurstBikeTyreMod; // 0.05
extern float &fBurstBikeSpeedMax; // 0.12
extern float &fTweakBikeWheelTurnForce; // 2.0
extern float &AUTOGYRO_ROTORSPIN_MULT; // 0.006
extern float &AUTOGYRO_ROTORSPIN_DAMP; // 0.997
extern float &AUTOGYRO_ROTORLIFT_MULT; // 4.5
extern float &AUTOGYRO_ROTORLIFT_FALLOFF; // 0.75
extern float &AUTOGYRO_ROTORTILT_ANGLE; // 0.25
extern float &ROTOR_SEMI_THICKNESS; // 0.05
extern float *fSpeedMult; // float fSpeedMult[5] = {0.8, 0.75, 0.85, 0.9, 0.85, 0.85}
extern float &fDamagePosSpeedShift; // 0.4
extern unsigned int *aDriveAnimIdsLow; // unsigned int aDriveAnimIdsLow[4] = {61, 68, 69, 78}
extern unsigned int *aDriveAnimIdsBoat; // unsigned int aDriveAnimIdsBoat[4] = {81, 82, 83, 84}
extern unsigned int *aDriveAnimIdsBad; // unsigned int aDriveAnimIdsBad[4] = {62, 70, 71, 79}
extern unsigned int *aDriveAnimIdsBadSlow; // unsigned int aDriveAnimIdsBadSlow[4] = {62, 87, 88, 79}
extern unsigned int *aDriveAnimIdsStd; // unsigned int aDriveAnimIdsStd[4] = {60, 66, 67, 78}
extern unsigned int *aDriveAnimIdsStdSlow; // unsigned int aDriveAnimIdsStdSlow[4] = {60, 85, 86, 78}
extern unsigned int *aDriveAnimIdsPro; // unsigned int aDriveAnimIdsPro[4] = {63, 72, 73, 80}
extern unsigned int *aDriveAnimIdsProSlow; // unsigned int aDriveAnimIdsProSlow[4] = {63, 89, 90, 80}
extern unsigned int *aDriveAnimIdsTruck; // unsigned int aDriveAnimIdsTruck[4] = {91, 92, 93, 94}
extern unsigned int *aDriveAnimIdsKart; // unsigned int aDriveAnimIdsKart[4] = {95, 96, 97, 98}
extern float &DIFF_LIMIT; // 0.8
extern float &DIFF_SPRING_MULT_X; // 0.05
extern float &DIFF_SPRING_MULT_Y; // 0.05
extern float &DIFF_SPRING_MULT_Z; // 0.1
extern float &DIFF_SPRING_COMPRESS_MULT; // 2.0
extern CVector *VehicleGunOffset; // CVector VehicleGunOffset[12];
extern char *&HandlingFilename;
extern char(*VehicleNames)[14]; // char VehicleNames[100][14]; sorting is based on handling id
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