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Plugin-SDK (Grand Theft Auto Vice City) header file
Authors: GTA Community. See more here
Do not delete this comment block. Respect others' work!
#pragma once
#include "PluginBase.h"
#include "CEntity.h"
class CFire {
bool m_bActive; // 0-1
//specifies if this slot is in use
bool m_bCreatedByScript; // 1-2
//specifies if this is a script fire instance
bool m_bMoves; // 2-3
//specifies if this fire moves with the entity (not implemented?)
bool m_bMakesNoise; // 3-4
//fire makes noise
CVector m_vecPosition; // 4-16
//vector of fire position
CEntity* m_pEntityTarget; // 16-20
//pointer to the entity fire is attached to
CEntity* m_pEntityCreator; // 20-24
//pointer to the entity that caused the fire
unsigned int m_nTimeToBurn; // 24-28
//specifies when the fire stops
unsigned int m_uShadowTimer; // 28-32
//timer, is used for getting random numbers with an interval
unsigned int m_uPeriodTimer; // 32-36
//periodical effect (flame) timer
float m_fParticleSize; // 36-40
//size of flame particles
float m_fStrength; // 40-44
//current size/strength of flames
bool m_bBeingExtinguished; // 44-45
//does not affect anything, always set to 0
char pad[3]; // 45-48
void Extinguish();
void ProcessFire();
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