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DKSR Open-UrbanPulse

The DKSR Open UrbanPulse (OUP) platform is the open source version of the UrbanPulse platform from The Urban Institute ui!. It is an open urban real-time platform for cross-domain data integration and match-making. The OUP is a real-time sensor data platform that follows the vision of Open Urban Platforms [OUP] as expressed by the European Innovation Partnership Smart Cities and Communities EIP and defined in DIN SPEC 913571. UrbanPulse is for cities, municipalities, utilities and enterprises that want to use new and existing urban data sources to create innovative value-added services. To this end, the OUP enables both small and large cities and businesses to efficiently integrate new and existing data sources, process and analyze data in near real-time, and ultimately share the data with various stakeholders. Unlike many other platforms, OUP is cloud agnostic and can run in the cloud, in container environments Kubernetes or in the local data center. Depending on the requirements, cloud-based services or open source technologies can be used for these purposes.

This Github repository here provides the Source Code for OUP Platform along with the required documentation required to understand the primary entities involved in the platform functioning, and a step-by-step description to deploy and use the platform.

Licence Information

This code is published by DKSR Gmbh under the German Free Software License. Please refer to the document in the link for usage, change and distribution information:


The documents below describe the main concepts and functionalities of the open source smart city platform

  1. Architecture Description
  1. Build and Usage
  1. OUP Usage


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