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The Metadata Assessment Tools Wiki is curated and maintained by the DLF Assessment Interest Group Metadata Working Group (DLF AIG MWG). The DLF AIG MWG Tools sub-group collects information about--and enhances access to--various metadata assessment tools to support professionals who analyze, collect, create, enhance, manipulate, and/or validate various kinds of metadata. Information about these tools is published in this regularly updated Github wiki.

To browse the tools in the DLF MWG wiki:

  • Scroll down to learn more about each tool. Tools are organized first by type and then alphabetically by name.

To select a specific tool:

  • Use the sidebar on the right. Tools are organized alphabetically by name.

To suggest a tool be added to the wiki:

To recommend a change to our website or tool wiki:

List of tools


  • Csvkit
    • A Python library for parsing, munging, and validating machine readable data.
  • Lxml
    • A Python library for working with XML, XSLT, and HTML.
  • Pandas
    • A Python Library for data analysis.
  • Pymarc
    • A Python Library for parsing and processing MARC data.

Standalone tools:

  • Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics allows a user to discover information on a variety of topics, including links selected, files downloaded, and how a website's features have been used.
  • MetadataQA harvest, analysis
    • A command line tool for harvesting and assessing OAI or DPLA metadata feeds.
  • OpenRefine
    • A GUI tool for data normalization and reconciliation that can be run in a web browser.
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