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Homebrew Tap for SUMO

This tap allows you to install SUMO with Homebrew on macOS. For more information on Brew Taps, see


If you want to use sumo-gui and/or netedit, you need to install XQuartz as a requirement:

brew install --cask xquartz


brew tap dlr-ts/sumo
brew install sumo

Upgrade from older SUMO versions installed with Homebrew

brew upgrade sumo


By default, the above command lines install a bottled SUMO stable version (currently 1.10.0) with minimal requirements (fox, proj, xerces-c). Alternatively, brew can compile SUMO from source with the following command line options:

brew install [OPTIONS] sumo

==> Options
    Install docs/examples and docs/tutorial folder
    Build with ffmpeg support
    Build with gdal support
    Build with gl2ps support
    Build with open-scene-graph support
    Build with swig support
    Install HEAD version

Homebrew Cask for macOS app bundles (optional)

If you would like to have a little more integration with macOS, you can also install the following app bundles (created with macOS Automator) to the /Applications folder:

  • SUMO (sumo-gui)
  • (netedit)
  • OSM Web (osm-web-wizard)

Install with:

brew install --cask sumo-gui


If you encounter any problems, please first check your brew installation (also see Homebrew Troubleshooting):

brew update
brew update
brew doctor

Any persisting problems with the SUMO Brew Formula should be reported directly to the eclipse/sumo issue tracker.

Some common problems and their fixes have been documented here: