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JQuery Sumtr

Allows you to summarize table rows with ease.

Just apply the plugin as follows


Working demo on JSFiddle.

How it Works

First, finds all the rows in the tbody and looks for cells with the sum class. Next, it sums those column by column. Lastly, it displays in the results in any row matching the selector tr.summary.

You can call Sumtr with options to override these defaults:

    sumCells : 'td.summableCell',
    bodyRows : 'tr.summableRow',
    summaryRows : ''

Parsing and Formatting

You can pass in custom functions to handle value parsing and formatting.

    readValue : function(e) { return parseFloat('val')); },
    formatValue : function(val) { return '$' + val; },

Data Attributes

By default, Sumtr writes a data attribute into each resulting cell. Use this in conjunction with the onComplete option to do additional calcuations.

  onComplete: function(e){
    e.find('.summary').each(function(index) {
      var c = $(this).find('.clicks').data('sumtr');
      var i = $(this).find('.impressions').data('sumtr');
      var ctr = c / i;
      $(this).find('.ctr').html(Math.round(ctr * 100) + '%');

Working demo on JSFiddle.