Robot Description Formats

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General Topics

  • URDF
  • SDF (Gazebo Model builder?)
  • SRDF
  • Collada?
  • STEP (STP)?
  • URDF and robot_model tools
  • RobotStatePublisher changes
  • Improve adherence to SPOT/DRY principles for ROS models (e.g. redundant information, hierarchical models, robot/item instances)?
  • xacro vs bare URDF vs SDF
  • MoveIt PlanningScene from URDF/SDF
  • gazebo/SDF <-> rviz/MoveIt sync (e.g.

Enhancement Proposals/Ideas

mostly handled by Jackie. If you see an idea that is appealing to you, consider volunteering to champion it. If you see something that you think is a bad idea, speak up.

Questions to be Answered

URDF Questions

  • How are people going from CAD to URDF and SDF? Is everyone writing both by hand?

RobotStatePublisher REP Questions

  • How can a ROS node change the robot's URDF at runtime?
  • Is robot_description still a parameter? Or a latched topic, service, or Action server? Something else?
  • How will the URDF changes be synchronized between every node that requires an update?
  • Will synchronizing URDF changes between multiple machines be a special case?
  • How would Gazebo accept URDF changes / load new models?
  • How would Kinematic chains be updated?
  • Current candidate reference implementations:
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