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Publicly Available

ROS Users

  • Uses askbot API for info on users and questions.

  • Scrape HTML from the pages and gather
    • Overall traffic (hits, bandwidth, number of visitors)
    • Breakdown by url, country and operating system
  • Statistics by month/year.


  • Examines Github repo
  • Determines type of change for each commit
  • Counts the number of repositories contained in the distributions per commit

Multi-Repo Stats

  • Statistics based on the repositories listed in the rosdistro
  • Scores github repositories based on stars, forks and subscribers.
  • Gathers information on the issues/pull requests opened and closed.
  • TODO:
    • Determine number of packages per repository/commit
    • General git stats
      • Number of commits
      • lines of code
      • authors
      • languages

Google Scholar Citations

Privately Available

The following data sources can only be crawled via use of an API key (or other special authentication)

  • Crawled using Discourse API
  • Retrieves info on
    • users
    • categories
    • topics
    • posts
  • TODO:
    • Periodically scan user_list
    • Periodically rescan user data

Web Traffic


ROS Wiki

  • number of users
  • num pages
  • num edits
  • [*] num wiki page views
  • How are wiki edits spread across users?
  • How big are wiki edits?
  • Number of wiki tutorial pages under in any package
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