Command-line minecraft server wrapper
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Clicraft ReadMe

A command-line minecraft server wrapper.

This is alpha software. Use at your own risk!


Clicraft is a command-line wrapper for operation and administration of a minecraft-compatible server. It is written in bash and uses tmux to daemonize and communicate with the server process.

Clicraft strives to be simple, robust, and useful. With it, you can:

  • Manage (start, stop, update) a minecraft-compatible server from the command line

  • Easily use third-party minecraft utilities (stop referring to --help output for basic options)

  • Programmatically or interactively send commands to the server console

  • Extend functionality by writing your own hooks called action scripts


The full documentation for clicraft is kept in AsciiDoc format under the doc/ directory in the source distribution. It can be viewed at

Basic documentation can be found in these files: