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How To Show A Popup When Somebody Mentions Your Name

  • Open the actions manager (Settings?Action Manager)
  • Press the New Action button
  • Enter a name for the action (the exact name doesn't matter; something like my highlight will do)
  • For the Primary trigger select Channel message received
  • Select the Conditions tab
  • Press the New button
  • For the Argument select message
  • For the Component select content
  • For the Comparison select contains
  • For the Target enter ${SERVER_MYNICKNAME}
  • Select the Response tab
  • In the Execute the following commands: text area, enter the following: /popup Highlight by ${1.USER_NAME} on ${0.CHANNEL_NAME}
  • Press OK
  • Press Close Note: The /popup command is provided by the systray plugin. You can replace it with /osd to use the On Screen Display plugin instead. You can include the actual message by including ${2.STRING_STRING} in the command.
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