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howto socks proxy

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DMDirc supports using a SOCKS proxy when connecting to IRC servers. This may be useful if you are behind a restrictive firewall or want to hide the IP address of the computer you're connecting from.

Configuring DMDirc to use a SOCKS server

At present there is no UI to configure the proxy settings. You will need to use the /set command to set the necessary settings:

/set server proxy.type <socks|http> (default: socks)
/set server proxy.address <ip or hostname>
/set server proxy.port <port> (default: 8080)
/set server proxy.user <username>
/set server proxy.password <password>

Note that at present the username and password will be stored in plain text in DMDirc's configuration file. This means anyone with access to your DMDirc profile will be able to read them.

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