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Gradle Git version plugin

This plugin automatically sets the version of a Gradle project based on the current git revision.

Features and description

Version format

Versions are based on the output of git describe. A typical version set by the plugin will look something like:


The first part is the most recent git tag (in this case 0.2.3), then comes the number of revisions since that tag (23), and the abbreviated hash of the current commit prepended with a 'g' (gabcabcf). As of v1.0, the plugin always appends the '-SNAPSHOT' designator.

Submodule support

The plugin can be used on a normal git repository, or from within a submodule. If it finds it is in a submodule, it will locate the correct .git directory within the parent repository.

Multi-project support

If you have multiple projects within a directory, it is often desirable to version them independently. For projects that are not at the root of a repository, the plugin will use the version of the last commit in that project's directory. That is, if you have the following folder structure and last commits:

`-- .git
`-- project1                    # 0.3-329-gabc1234
    `-- src                     # 0.6-1-g2342345
`-- project2                    # 1.0
    `-- src                     # 1.1-17-g009911c

If project1 and project2 both apply this plugin, project 1's version will be set to 0.6-1-g2342345-SNAPSHOT, while project 2's version will be set to 1.1-17-g009911c-SNAPSHOT, as they are the two most recent commits within those projects.

How to use

The plugin is available through the Gradle plugins repo. If you are using Gradle 2.1 or newer, you can use the new plugin mechanism to use this plugin by simply adding:

plugins {
  id "com.dmdirc.git-version" version "1.1"

to the top of your build.gradle. Alternatively, the plugin can be obtained from the jcenter repository and applied manually:

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath group: 'com.dmdirc', name: 'git-version', version: '1.1'

apply plugin: 'com.dmdirc.git-version'

It's generally best to apply the version plugin before other plugins (such as the maven-publish plugin) as they may try and use the version.


Gradle plugin to automatically set versions based on git tags




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