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Battery Time Remaining

Show the estimated battery time remaining on top of your screen in Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

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Why does this project exist?

Apple removed the option to show the battery time remaining in the statusbar since the Mountain Lion release. This App will do exactly that, show the battery time remaining on top of your screen.

How do I install it?

Two options:

  • Download latest version, unzip and run the App
  • Download the source here from Github and compile it with XCode

Is it accurate?

The App shows the exact same time as you will see when you click the battery icon. The time is provided by Mac OS X itself and as accurate as you can get.

How do I contribute?

Fork this project, make some changes and submit a pull request. Check the issues tab for inspiration on what to fix. Please make sure your fork is the latest development version!

If you find any issues or have a feature request please contribute by submitting an issue here on Github!

If you would like to donate:


Who did make this app?

App icon provided by free calling for all.

Change log

2012-10-03 - v1.6 - diff

2012-08-29 - v1.5.2 - diff

2012-08-25 - v1.5.1 - diff

2012-08-19 - v1.5 - diff

2012-08-15 - v1.4 - diff

2012-08-12 - v1.3 - diff

  • Added check for updates (codler)
  • Display battery percentage left in menu (codler #6)

2012-08-09 - v1.2.1 (signed app) - diff

  • Added notifications (codler)
  • Added open energy saver preferences option (codler)

2012-08-08 - v1.2 (signed app) - diff

  • From now on the app will always be signed. (codler #3)
  • Added higher resolution app icon (codler)

2012-08-06 - v1.1.1 (unsigned app) - diff

2012-08-05 - v1.1 (unsigned app) - diff

2012-08-01 - v1.0 (unsigned app)