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# This is the same ID you specified in the judge admin panel
id: ExampleJudge
# The key this judge will use to authenticate with the site server, generated from the admin panel
key: "-t_qBN}_zr@WF_O(j>A]9:JR,-]@FMPN38(9Y:CDD]`ZT.|dYdH03q#;cN8?5s(gvu0LeSBMy3cc;06)pF)<nX]C=.Us^{#7w!9:"
# Where to look for problems on the local filesystem.
# This directory /not/ scanned recursively, and any directory containing an init.yml file is assumed to
# be a problem directory.
- /home/sync/problems
# All configuration for language executors
# If you're unsure of what values a language needs, your best bet is to consult the source of the executor:
# <>
ccl: /opt/ccl/lx86cl
sed: /bin/sed
awk: /usr/bin/awk
gnatmake: /usr/bin/gnatmake
chicken-csc: /usr/bin/csc
dart: /opt/dart-sdk/bin/dart
tclsh: /usr/bin/tclsh
cobc: /usr/bin/cobc
erl: /usr/bin/erl
erlc: /usr/bin/erlc
tprolog: /opt/turing/tprolog/tprolog
tprologc: /opt/turing/tprolog/tprologc
turing_dir: /opt/turing/tprolog
node: /usr/bin/node
lua: /usr/bin/lua
ocaml: /usr/bin/ocamlopt
pypy: /opt/pypy/bin/pypy
pypydir: /opt/pypy/
pypy3: /opt/pypy3/bin/pypy
pypy3dir: /opt/pypy3/
ghc: /usr/bin/ghc
go: /usr/bin/go
fsharpc: /usr/bin/fsharpc
mono-csc: /usr/bin/mono-csc
mono-vbnc: /usr/bin/vbnc
mono: /usr/bin/mono
dmd: /usr/bin/dmd
fpc: /opt/fpc-2.6.4/bin/fpc
clang: /usr/bin/clang
clang++: /usr/bin/clang++
gcc: /usr/bin/gcc
g++: /usr/bin/g++
g++11: /usr/bin/g++
g++14: /opt/gcc-5.1.0/bin/g++
gfortran: /usr/bin/gfortran
nasm: /usr/bin/nasm
ld: /usr/bin/ld
python: /opt/python27/bin/python2.7
python2dir: /opt/python27/
python3: /opt/python34/bin/python3.4
python3dir: /opt/python34/
java: /usr/bin/java
javac: /usr/bin/javac
java8: /usr/lib/jvm/jdk-8-oracle-i586/bin/java
javac8: /usr/lib/jvm/jdk-8-oracle-i586/bin/javac
# Custom V8 build to facilitate online judging:
v8dmoj: /home/judge/judge/executors/v8dmoj
php: /usr/bin/php
phpconfdir: /etc/php5/
perl: /usr/bin/perl
ruby19: /usr/bin/ruby1.9.1
ruby21: /usr/bin/ruby
racket: /opt/racket/bin/racket
raco: /opt/racket/bin/raco
racket-lib: /opt/racket/lib
gnustep-config: /usr/bin/gnustep-config
gobjc: /usr/bin/gcc