@briri briri released this Jul 19, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

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  • When a user shares a plan with a colleague the email will now display the user's name #1587

Org Admins

  • Option based template questions (e.g. select box, radio buttons, etc.) now allow for an unlimited number of choices #1640
  • You can now associate guidance with multiple themes again #1742
  • Updates to the 'Request Expert Feedback' functionality:
    • Improved tooltip language to help clarify the purpose of items on the Admin -> Organization details -> Request Feedback tab #1722
    • The system now displays the 'Request Feedback Message' to your users on-screen instead of sending them an email #1163
    • Updated the 'Request Feedback complete' email to include clearer instructions on how the user can find your comments and a direct link to the appropriate page #1431 & #1492

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue that some users were encountering when trying to change their email address #1714
  • Addressed an issue that caused Shibboleth IdP information to be lost when editing an Org's request feedback options #1732
  • Fixed an issue with Guidance page form validations #1629
  • Users can now click the 'Show password' checkbox on the create account form #1702
  • Theme selections are no longer deleted when an admin adds annotations/customizations to a question #1684
  • Fixed issue preventing users from submitting the create account form #1680


  • Groups of Check boxes and Radio buttons are now properly nested within <fieldset> tags #1448

General Improvements

  • Decreased vertical white space between themes on the Guidance and Question editing sections #1708
  • Updated Tinymce calls so that they all us a standard set of toolbar options #1632

@xsrust xsrust released this Jun 22, 2018 · 47 commits to master since this release

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This release is a minor patch to v1.1.2. Please refer to the v1.1.2 release notes for important information on recent changes and the need to run rake upgrade:v1_1_2 and manually update data.

  • Added an additional string to translation files
  • Added in missing fr_FR and pt_BR translation files for devise, contact_us and bootstrap gems

@briri briri released this Jun 19, 2018 · 51 commits to master since this release

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Note that you will need to run rake upgrade:v1_1_2 task to update your database (see the database changes list below for details

Bug fixes

  • Tinymce editors on Template edit page now have bulleted lists and table options again #1594
  • Improvements to the consistency of the Organisation selection boxes #1589
  • Labels on the Create Plan page updated to make the requirements clearer for the user #1479
  • The system will no longer email all admins when a user requests feedback #1217
  • Current tab is now properly highlighted #1603
  • Fixed default sort on Public Templates page #1333
  • The 'Show full list' link on the shibboleth org selection page was fixed #1617
  • Guidance can now have only one associated theme #1212

Accessibility updates

  • 'Skip to main content' link added for screen readers #1442
  • Pages now have unique titles #1441
  • All form input elements now have labels #1445
  • All buttons now provide a visual cue when they have focus #1443
  • Properly grouped PI and Data Contact elements on the Project details page #1454


  • New translatable:find rake task to replace gettext:find. This new task gathers all translatable strings from the code and updates the POT/PO files accordingly. #1339
    • #, fuzzy means that the string is new and needs to be translated
    • #msgid means that the string is no longer in the code (obsolete) and can be deleted
  • New translations for Française (France) - thanks to the DMPOPIDoR team
  • New translations for Português (Brasil) - thanks to The University of Campinas

Database changes

  • The orgs.contact_email is now required. This will add the helpdesk email defined in your branding.yml file to any orgs whose contact_email is blank. The task will provide feedback on which records have been updated.
  • Guidance can now only have one associated theme. The task will notify your of which guidances have multiple theme associations. You will need to manually update those records to select the most appropriate theme.
  • Removes the email notification preference for receiving emails when a user requests feedback. Only the org's contact_email is notified now when a user requests feedback.

The translation files are now complete and contain all of the translatable text within the codebase. To see a list of these changes, please refer to the comparison page, click on the 'Files changed' tab and then scroll down to the config/locale/app.pot file . The list of changed translations should be smaller in future releases now that we have a complete set.

@briri briri released this May 31, 2018 · 106 commits to master since this release

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Added a Privacy statement for GDPR

  • GDPR privacy statement added to footer #1556

Bug fixes

  • Fixed format of links in DOCX downloads #1185
  • Fixed bug that allowed users to edit historical template information #1554
  • Removed Copyright statement from downloaded plan coversheet when the plan is not public #1549
  • Fixed bug with updating email notification preferences for non super-admin users #1514
  • Fixed bug with Plan Overview page for multi-phase templates #1548

@briri briri released this May 23, 2018 · 121 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed issues with when and where templates are versioned
  • Fixed numerous usability issues on the Templates and Template editing pages
  • Added a Global Notification system (courtesy of the DMP OPIDoR team)
  • Upgraded to the latest versions of Ruby and Rails

This upgrade will require you to:

  • Install Ruby 2.4.4
  • Run rake upgrade:remove_duplicated_template_versions to remove any duplicated versions created by the old codebase
  • Run rake db:migrate to update your templates table, drop an unused table, and add the tables needed for the notification system
  • Run bundle install
  • Run npm install (from the lib/assets/ directory)
  • Run npm run bundle [-- -p (if in production)] (from the lib/assets/ directory)


  • Global Notification system

    • Super admins can now define system messages that are displayed to users when they log into the site
    • Messages can be defined as dismissable, and have a begin and end date
    • Example uses: System maintenance announcements, Funder template changes, etc.
    • New DB tables added to support the notifications: notifications and notification_ackowledgements
  • Upgrade to Ruby 2.4.4 and Rails 4.2.10

    • Upgrade Ruby 2.2.2 -> 2.4.4
    • Upgrade Rails 4.2.7 -> 4.2.10
    • Updated Gemfile to remove version specifications for most gems
    • Updated Gemfile to remove unused gems (rollify, yard, red-carpet, swagger-docs, friendly_id, yaml_db, minitest-rails-capybara, administrate)
    • Dropped unused friendly_id_slugs table that was used by one of those gems
    • Updated all NPM JS dependencies
    • Updated various tests and files to correct deprecation warning messages
  • Template pages refactor

    • Complete refactor of all Template/Phase/Section/Question/Annotation files models, controllers, views, JS
    • Renamed columns in the templates table (migrated->archived, dmptemplate_id->family_id)
    • Removed dirty flag from templates table
    • Extracted and rewrote all of the scopes from models/template.rb to models/scopes/template_scope.rb
    • Moved all template/phase/section/question/question_option controllers to the org_admin namespace and updated routes accordingly
    • Added a new controllers/concerns/versionable.rb concern to aid controllers with determining what changes create a new template version
    • All versioning and customization logic moved from controllers to the models
    • Updated Template edit page so that sections and questions load on demand via AJAX rather than on inital page load
    • Refactored all related JS
    • Added unit and functional tests for all refactored objects
    • Updated test_helper.rb to act as a factory for creating test objects

@briri briri released this Apr 25, 2018 · 144 commits to master since this release

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  • The contact us form no longer throws an 'Invalid Captcha' error when you try to submit the form when logged in. #1394
  • Plans on the My Dashboard page are now sorted by the date they were last updated (descending) #1395

Org Admins

  • Addressed some issue with displaying usage statistics for some users #1410
  • Editing the default template no longer results in its disappearance from the customizable templates table and it remains available to users creating a new plan #1415


  • Fixed an issue with OmniAuth redirects when working from localhost #1397

@briri briri released this Apr 17, 2018 · 151 commits to master since this release

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Org Admins

  • Fixes an issue with uploading logos for an organisation #1357
  • Fixes an issue with the status of funder template customizations #1363


  • Contact us form submission will now fail if the Recaptcha checkbox has not been checked #501

@briri briri released this Apr 6, 2018 · 161 commits to master since this release

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Patches for issues reported when trying to customize templates (#1318):

  • Customizable Templates status column now shows proper 'Unpublished changes' status #1345
  • Funder template default visibility is 'Public' now #1342
  • The Customizable Templates tab stays in focus after publishing/unpublishing a template customization #1338
  • Customized example answers now appear when editing a plan #1344
  • Guidances tab on the write plan page now shows the Org abbreviation before each guidance section for customized templates #1343

@jollopre jollopre released this Mar 29, 2018 · 182 commits to master since this release

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  • Bugfix to prevent paginable success handler to be executed when it should not. This fix solves the problem of ending up with a blank view when an action in any row from a paginable table is triggered.

@briri briri released this Mar 28, 2018 · 185 commits to master since this release

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  • Any required fields now have a red asterisk (*) in front of the label (e.g. Project title on the Project Details tab)
  • The screen no longer flickers/jumps when a you clicks on a Guidance tab on the Write Plan tab
  • Only owners and co-owners of a plan are allowed to access a plan's Share tab
  • The plan Download tab is only available to users you have invited to collaborate on your plan (reviewers cannot download or share it)
  • Clicking 'Submit' on the Project Details tab now brings you to the Plan Overview tab
  • Plan PDF downloads now include the PI's ORCID iD (if the coversheet is selected)
  • Public Template PDF exports now properly distinguish between guidance and example answers
  • You are now able to download plans that have a multiple choice question
  • Your table sort is now retained when you click 'View all' or 'View less'

Org Admins

  • You will now see an Organisation and Created column on the Users page.

Super Admins

  • The 'View All' link has been removed from the Users page
  • You can activate/deactivate user accounts on the User page
  • The user's name is now clickable and will open a page that allows you to edit the User's name, email address, language selection and organisational affiliation


  • A fix for a DB migration issue that removes defaults from the orgs.links and templates.links TEXT fields (only effected MySQL installations)