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@briri briri released this Jul 19, 2018 · 593 commits to master since this release


  • When a user shares a plan with a colleague the email will now display the user's name #1587

Org Admins

  • Option based template questions (e.g. select box, radio buttons, etc.) now allow for an unlimited number of choices #1640
  • You can now associate guidance with multiple themes again #1742
  • Updates to the 'Request Expert Feedback' functionality:
    • Improved tooltip language to help clarify the purpose of items on the Admin -> Organization details -> Request Feedback tab #1722
    • The system now displays the 'Request Feedback Message' to your users on-screen instead of sending them an email #1163
    • Updated the 'Request Feedback complete' email to include clearer instructions on how the user can find your comments and a direct link to the appropriate page #1431 & #1492

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue that some users were encountering when trying to change their email address #1714
  • Addressed an issue that caused Shibboleth IdP information to be lost when editing an Org's request feedback options #1732
  • Fixed an issue with Guidance page form validations #1629
  • Users can now click the 'Show password' checkbox on the create account form #1702
  • Theme selections are no longer deleted when an admin adds annotations/customizations to a question #1684
  • Fixed issue preventing users from submitting the create account form #1680


  • Groups of Check boxes and Radio buttons are now properly nested within <fieldset> tags #1448

General Improvements

  • Decreased vertical white space between themes on the Guidance and Question editing sections #1708
  • Updated Tinymce calls so that they all us a standard set of toolbar options #1632
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