Local installations inventory

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DCC-hosted instances of DMPonline

DMPTuuli (Finland) https://www.dmptuuli.fi/

DMP Melbourne (Australia) https://dmp.research.unimelb.edu.au/

DMP Maastricht (Netherlands) https://dmp.dh.maastrichtuniversity.nl/

Local installations of DMPonline

DMP Assistant (Canada) https://assistant.portagenetwork.ca/

DMP OPIDoR (France) https://dmp.opidor.fr/

PGDonline (Spain) http://dmp.consorciomadrono.es/

Pla de Gestió de Dades de Recerca (Spain) http://dmp.csuc.cat/

DMPonline (Belgium) https://dmponline.be/

DMPonline (Germany) https://github.com/cau-vfu/DMPonline_v4 (GitHub fork)

DMPonline (Denmark) https://dmponline.deic.dk/

DMP Tool (South Africa - DIRISA) http://dmp.dirisa.ac.za/

DMPonline (South Africa - University of Cape Town) - http://dmp.lib.uct.ac.za/

CPUT Data Management Plan - (South Africa - Cape Peninsula University of Technology) - https://www.cput.ac.za/lib/research/rdm/researchplan

QUT Data Management Plan (Australia - Queensland University of Technology) - https://dmp.qut.edu.au/

Local installations of DMPTool

http://www.fz-juelich.de/SharedDocs/Downloads/ZB/DE/WissKom2016/abstracts/wisskom2016_abstract_5_2_ackermann_wehrle_duffner.pdf (Ulm & Freiburg, Germany)

IFCA-CSIC prototype (Spain) https://ifca.unican.es/en-us

Related projects/tools

Data Stewardship wizard (ELIXIR DMP tool) http://dmp.fairdata.solutions

RDM Organiser (Germany) http://rdmorganiser.github.io/en/

Integrated Data Management planning tool (DMRs) at Queensland Uni - https://rcc.uq.edu.au/article/2017/04/pilot-uq%E2%80%99s-innovative-research-data-management-system-underway


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