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Copyright 2016-2018 DMTF. All rights reserved.



redfishMockupCreator is a python34 program that creates a redfish Mockup folder structure from a real live Redfish service. This folder structure can then be mounted under the Redfish-Mockup-Server tool.

The program executes Redfish GET requests to the Redfish service and saves the response in a directory structure like what is used for all Redfish mockups.

As a result, it is a way to take a snapshot of a system


  • copy the file and /redfishtoollib folder (with 2 files) into a folder and execute with Python3.4 or later.
  • Note that this program uses the redfishtool transport and serviceRoot API routines which are in the /redfishtoollib folder


   redfishMockupCreate  [-VhvqS] -u<user> -p<passwd> -r<rpath> [-A<auth>] [-D<directoryPath>] -d [<descriptionString>]
   -V,          --version             -- show redfishMockupCreate version, and exit
   -h,          --help                -- show Usage, Options
   -v,          --verbose             -- verbose level, can repeat up to 4 times for more verbose output
   -q,          --quiet               -- quiet mode. no progress messages are displayed
   --custom                           -- custom mode. use static nav structure instead of recursive algorithm
   -C <string>, --Copyright=<string>  -- Add Copyright message. The specified Copyright will be added to each resource
   -H,          --Headers             -- Headers mode. An additional headers property will be added to each resource
   -T,          --Time                -- Time mode. Retrieval time of each GET will be captured
   -S,          --Secure              -- use HTTPS for all gets.   otherwise HTTP is used
   -M,          --ScrapeMetadata      -- allow scraping of metadata
   -u <user>,   --user=<usernm>       -- username used for remote redfish authentication
   -p <passwd>, --password=<passwd>   -- password used for remote redfish authentication
   -r <rhost>,  --rhost=<rhost>       -- remote redfish service hostname or IP:port
   -A <Auth>,   --Auth=<auth>         -- auth method ot use: None, Basic(dflt), Session
   -M           --ScrapeMetadata      -- Scrape XML stored locally on the server 
   -D <directory>,--Dir=<directory>   -- output mockup to directory path <directory>
   -d <description> --description=<d> -- text description that is put in README. ex: -d "mockup of Contoso 1U"

Python Requirement

The requests package is required.

  • On Windows, navigate to your Python folder via CMD.

    cd C:\Python36\

  • run the command line

    python -m pip install requests


Create a directory that is the name of the mockup you are creating

  • fyi-mockup-creator wont create the directory, if the dir doesn’t exist, it exits with error
  • fyi-also, it won’t over-write the data in an existing directory--if you want to re-run and store the mockup in the same directory, you have to remove all of the files under the dir so make the directory under mymockups

cd $HOME/mymockups && mkdir C6320mockup9

Now run the creator

  • Assuming you downloaded the Redfish-Mockup-Creator to $HOME/redfishtools/Redfish-Mockup-Creator

cd $HOME/redfishtools/Redfish-Mockup-Creator

  • Make sure you have python3.4 or later in your path
  • Set the IP address of the Redfish server you are going to get the mockup from
    • MYC6320IP= #ex

python3.4 ./ -r $MYC6320IP -u root -p calvin -S -A Basic -D "$HOME/mymockups/C6320mockup9" \ -d "this is my mockup of a real C6320 in rack33" -C "Copyright 2016 Inc. All rights reserved."

 -r <ip> is the ip address of the server you are pulling the mockup from
 -u, -p is user/password
 -S   (it’s a capital S) tells it to use HTTPS for everything---powerEdge requires HTTPS.
 -A Basic    says use basic auth (I think that’s the default, the man page says Session is dflt ,but just specify Basic to be sure)
 -D <dir>   tells it the directory to put it in.---must be empty and must already exist
 -d <descriptionString>   is a short description you can add that it appends to the READ file  at the top of the mockup.`


  • Since a real redfish service can implement any URI it wants (they don't have to start with /redfish/v1), this creates a "tall mockup". That is, it starts creating a directory structure with everything below the IP address of the remote service---it therefore includes /redfish/v1 in the directory structure.
  • Initial version: 0.9.1 provides mockup tree based on redfish 1.0 schemas. Some new resources that were added after 1.0 are not included (eg .../Systems//Memory)
  • This version does not walk the SPMF schema to find navigation links, but uses a couple of simple structures at the top of the program. We will add additional navigation properties (eg Memory, Drives,...) in next release.

Release Process

  1. Update with the list of changes since the last release
  2. Update the tool_version and tool_date variables in to reflect the new tool version
  3. Push changes to Github
  4. Create a new release in Github


A python3.4 program that creates a Redfish Mockup folder structure from a real live Redfish service.





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