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Redfish Mockup Server

Copyright 2016-2020 DMTF. All rights reserved.


The Redfish Mockup Server serves Redfish requests against a Redfish mockup. The server runs at a specified IP address and port or at, which is the default IP address and port.

Sample mockups published by the DMTF can be found here: The Redfish-Mockup-Creator can be used to create a mockup from an existing service.


If running the mockup server natively on your system:

  • Install Python 3 and pip
  • Install required Python packages: pip install -r requirements.txt

If running the mockup server as a Docker container:


Redfish Mockup Server, version 1.1.1
usage: [-h] [-H HOST] [-p PORT] [-D DIR] [-E] [-X]
                              [-t TIME] [-T] [-s] [--cert CERT] [--key KEY]
                              [-S] [-P]

Serve a static Redfish mockup.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -H HOST, --host HOST, --Host HOST
                        hostname or IP address (default
  -p PORT, --port PORT, --Port PORT
                        host port (default 8000)
  -D DIR, --dir DIR, --Dir DIR
                        path to mockup dir (may be relative to CWD)
  -E, --test-etag, --TestEtag
                        (unimplemented) etag testing
  -X, --headers         load headers from headers.json files in mockup
  -t TIME, --time TIME  delay in seconds added to responses (float or int)
  -T                    delay response based on times in time.json files in
  -s, --ssl             place server in SSL (HTTPS) mode; requires a cert and
  --cert CERT           the certificate for SSL
  --key KEY             the key for SSL
  -S, --short-form, --shortForm
                        apply short form to mockup (omit filepath /redfish/v1)
  -P, --ssdp            make mockup SSDP discoverable

Example: python -D /home/user/redfish-mockup

The mockup server will start an HTTP server with the given address and port specified by the HOST and PORT arguments. The mockup server will provide Redfish resources in the mockup directory specified by the DIR argument. If the mockup does not contain the representation of the /redfish resource, the short-form argument will need to be provided by the user. If no mockup is specified, the mockup server will serve the DMTF's "public-rackmount1" mockup.

Docker Container

If running as a Docker container, you can either:

  • Pull the container from Docker Hub: docker pull dmtf/redfish-mockup-server:latest
  • Build a container from local source: docker build -t dmtf/redfish-mockup-server:latest .
  • Build a container from Github: docker build -t dmtf/redfish-mockup-server:latest

The following will run the container using the built-in "public-rackmount1" mockup:

docker run --rm dmtf/redfish-mockup-server:latest

The following will run the container using a specified mockup, where <PathToMockup> is the path to the mockup directory:

docker run --rm -v <PathToMockup>:/mockup dmtf/redfish-mockup-server:latest -D /mockup

Release Process

Run the script to publish a new version.

sh <NewVersion>

Enter the release notes when prompted; an empty line signifies no more notes to add.


A simple Python 3.4 program that can be copied into a folder at the top of any Redfish mockup and can serve Redfish requests on the specified IP/port.





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