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Copyright 2016-2018 Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. All rights reserved.

Redfish Profile Simulator


Redfish Profile Simulator is a Python34 real simulator of the "simple monolithic server" feature profile.

  • A simple, minimal Redfish Service
  • For a monolithic Server
  • Aligned with: OCP Remote Machine Management Spec feature set


  • Based on flask
  • Initial resources are loaded from a catfish mockup into python dictionary structures
    • After that, data is read/patched... to the dictionaries
  • Supports BasicAuth, as well as Redfish Session Auth (for one session, one user)
  • Uses:
    • easy to add new URIs for testing a client
    • easy to tweak behavior or add bad responses to test a client
    • allows testing of authentication -- which current mockup servers dont do
    • easy to insert print statements in service to see if data coming across good..etc

Current Limitation:

  • supports a single user/passwd and token
  • the user/passwd is: root/password123456
  • The authToken for Session Auth is: 123456SESSIONauthcode
  • Supports only HTTP (not HTTPS)
  • with redfishtool, use options: -r127.0.0.1:5000 -u root -p password123456 -S Never


  • python [options]

  • [Options]:

      -V,  --Version,--- the program version
      -h,  --help,   --- help
      -H<hostIP>,  --Host=<hostIp>   --- host IP address. dflt=
      -P<port>,--Port=<port> --- the port to use. dflt=5000
      -p<profile_path>, --profile=<profile_path>   --- the path to the Redfish profile to use. dflt="SimpleOcpServerV1"


  • The simulation includes an http server, RestEngine, and dynamic Redfish datamodel.
  • You can GET, PATCH,... to the service just like a real Redfish service.
  • Both Basic and Redfish Session/Token authentication are supported
    • for a single user/passwd and token
    • the user/passwd is: root/password123456
    • The authToken for Session Auth is: 123456SESSIONauthcode
    • these can be changed by editing the file---will make dynamic later.
  • The http service and Rest engine is built on Flask, and all code is Python 3.4+
  • The data model resources are "initialized" from the SPMF "SimpleOcpServerV1" Mockup.
    • and stored as python dictionaries
    • then the dictionaries are updated with patches, posts, deletes.
  • The program can be extended to support other mockup "profiles".
  • By default, the simulation runs on localhost (, on port 5000.
    • These can be changed with CLI options: -P -H | --port= --host=

Simple OCP Server V1 Mockup Description

  • A Monolithic server:

    • One ComputerSystem
    • One Chassis
    • One Manager
  • Provides basic management features aligned with OCP Remote Machine Management Spec 1.01:

    • Power-on/off/reset
    • Boot to PXE, HDD, BIOS setup (boot override)
    • 4 temp sensors per DCMI (CPU1, CPU2, Board, Inlet)
    • Simple Power Reading, and DCMI Power Limiting
    • Fan Monitoring w/ redundancy
    • Set asset tag and Indicator LED
    • Basic inventory (serial#, model, SKU, Vendor, BIOS ver…)
    • User Management
    • BMC management: get/set IP, version, enable/disable protocol
  • What it does NOT have -- that the Redfish 1.0 model supports

    • No PSUs in model (RMM spec did not include PSUs)
    • No ProcessorInfo, MemoryInfo, StorageInfo, System-EthernetInterfaceInfo
    • No Tasks
    • JsonSchema and Registries collections left out (since that is optional)
    • No EventService--Remote Machine Management spec used basic PET alerts
    • Uses only the pre-defined privileges and roles


Some limitations to be extended in current implementation

  • Auth supports a single hard-coded username, password, and AuthToken, although the protocol is 100% compliant with respect to testing clients trying to authenticate
    • ex with basic auth, you have to use the hard coded user/password
    • ex with Session Auth, you just use the hard coded AuthToken
  • adding and deleting users not implemented--has 3 or 4 users predefined
  • accountService properties can be written, but failed logins, lockouts, etc is not implemented
  • system log not implemented yet


A Flask-based simulator of a Redfish Service implementing the proposed OCP feature Profile.





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