This is an plugin for the Garden platform, adding a new page and user data fields to the profile for a more detailed user profile.
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Adds an "About Me" page to the vanilla forums profile page with extended fields.

Current Fields Include:
Real Name, Nick Name, Favorite Quote, Location, Birthday, Relationship Status, Biography, Employer, Job Title, High School, College, Interests, Music, Games, Movies, TV, and Books.

The Css file is located in the /design folder, and am.default_theme.css is used by default.

this can be edited to suit your needs, or replaced; just change the filename at the top of class.aboutme.plugin.php

The css file has all of the colors specifically at the bottom to make it easy to just change the theme's colors.

I will try not to change any css classes in future versions for those of you who customize the css.

Changes in Version 1.1:
-[fix] Updated the way render is called in the profile controller. A function was changed a while back which made the rest of the profile content disappear.
-[change] Changed the edit and views into two separate functions. Just easier to read and edit; really.
-[change] Cleaned up comments, had a lot of bits and pieces from other plugins to use as a guide. Other little tweaks since getting used to php Garden

Changes in Version 1.0:
-[fix?] not sure if the mistake was made after version 9.0, but fixed the issue with a permission error for non-administrators when viewing the profile page.
-[fix] fixed the 'edit my details' button not appearing for non-admins, made the button appear on all profiles for admins.
-[fix] fixed the mistake made leaving some things that should be hidden when the user has not yet set up their profile.
-[change] some minor css changes to the default theme for cleaner appearance and to prevent overflow
-[change] decreased the number of characters for some fields.

-[in progress] trying to query normal user data to display on the profile page with current data. (such as username and picture)
-[proposed] remove table added with the addon, use the normal user table. (since the dev's added some of the same columns there already...)
-[proposed] replace the 'info.php' module on the profile with one including the extended fields.

Changes in version 0.9:
- Integrated vanilla default theme
- Cleaned up CSS file for easy editing
- Minor CSS fixes.
- Sorry if you already customised the CSS, as I changed a lot! (This was so I do not have to in the future.)

Version 0.2.1 made a minor correction on hiding the nickname.

Changes in version 0.2:
- Fixed the bug with the edit form not confirming the information was saved and closing as it should.
- Changed the Relationship Status field to a drop-down selection menu
- Added birthday field with drop-down selector, and options to hide the entire birthday or just the year.
- Made various labels disappear when there is no info.

Unfortunately I cannot find a solution yet to having to select a birthday every time you edit your information, although this may not be my fault, as the form->date function should get the field data when the form is opened...