base classes for nucleic acid strand displacement programming
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dsdobjects - base classes for DSD design

This module provides standardized Python parent classes for domain-level strand displacement programming:

  • SequenceConstraint
  • DL_Domain
  • SL_Domain
  • DSD_Complex
  • DSD_Reaction
  • DSD_RestingSet

An example is shown below:

from dsdobjects import DL_Domain

# A personalized domain that extends the DL_Domain base class.
class MyDomain(DL_Domain):

    def __init__(self, name, dtype=None, length=None):
        super(MyDomain, self).__init__(name, dtype, length)
    def complement(self):
        # Automatically initialize or return the complementary domain.
        if self._complement is None:
            cname = self._name[:-1] if self.is_complement else self._name + '*'
            if cname in DL_Domain.MEMORY:
                self._complement = DL_Domain.MEMORY[cname]
            else :
                self._complement = MyDomain(cname, self.dtype, self.length)
        return self._complement

Inheriting from the DL_Domain base class enables standardized built in functions such as '~', '==', '!=', and provides a built-in memory management raising the DSDDuplicationError when conflicting domain names are chosen.

>>> # Initialize a Domain.
>>> x = MyDomain('hello', dtype='short')
>>> # The '~' operator calls x.complement
>>> y = ~x
>>> (y == ~x)

These and many more functionalities and sanity checks are also available for other objects. See the respective docstrings for details.


To install this library, use the following command in the root directory:

$ python ./ install

or use local installation:

$ python ./ install --user


0.6.3 -- added parser for seesaw language

0.6.2 -- bugfix for restingsets with given representative

0.6.1 -- adapted when used as pypi dependency

0.6 -- PIL parser supports concentration format

  • "non-equal" bugfixes in
  • supports rate-error bars when parsing PIL format

0.5 -- improved canonical forms


Stefan Badelt


This library contains adapted code from various related Python packages coded in the DNA and Natural Algorithms Group, Caltech:

  • "DNAObjecs" coded by Joseph Berleant and Joseph Schaeffer
  • peppercornenumerator coded by Kathrik Sarma, Casey Grun and Erik Winfree
  • nuskell coded by Seung Woo Shin

Projects depending on dsdobjects