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Welcome to the DNA Democracy.

This is the constitution of this Democracy and its rules will be implemented by a Smart Contract registered on a public Blockchain. A supermajority of 75% of votes is necessary to amend this constitution.

If you are a human willing to contribute your DNA for our collective, you have a voice in this democracy. Our goal is to ensure that our DNA is used in our favour and that the benefits of its use are shared fairly. We recognize that the potential of our DNA will only be unlocked with truly universal sharing that respects each person's rights and wishes.

Upon joining, you will receive a DNACoin that will be registered as a token on a public blockchain. DNACoin will give you a vote in the governance of our DNA.

After a critical mass of 5,000 members have joined, every member will be able to exercise their vote equally. To bootstrap the DNA Democracy, voting status initially is by invitation, and vote of inclusion (*).

Additional DNACoin may be issued for developers, miners, or analysers, but they cannot be used for voting [only one coin per human will have voting rights].

(*) vote of inclusion is as follows:

  • First member invites Second member
  • These invite Third member (Second's plus third's vote count as much as first's)
  • They in turn invite Fourth to Sixth members
  • ... so that the new members always collectively have the same voting powers as the old members. This can be implemented in code as a Fibonacci series.
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